Epic Win Preview

Motivation can sometimes be a hard thing to find, especially for things you don’t want to do. Cleaning the gutters, mowing the lawn, doing the dishes – our list of daily duties is sometimes so overwhelming that we can’t even decide where to start. But what if we could turn that task list into a game?

As any good productivity junkie will tell you, the iPhone is rife with to-do lists and motivators. Yet we’ve never seen one quite like this. Epic Win, expected to debut later this summer, combines a standard to-do list with a role-playing game. As you complete real world tasks you’ll earn experience and loot to level up your character.

Players will progress along their quest with each completed goal, and share uncovered items with their friends via Facebook and Twitter. The developer has stressed that the to-do list included is intentionally simple, so for those subscribing to the Getting Things Done approach, you’ll probably want to treat this as a fun bonus rather than a way to properly manage your life. For the rest of us though, a stamina-boost for our Ent Mage may provide all the incentive we need to take out the garbage or bathe the dog.

Brought to life by by Rexbox, previously responsible for visual design in LittleBigPlanet, and Studio FungFung, the developer behind the iPhone games MiniSquadron and Fox vs Duck, Epic Win is expected to arrive on the App Store sometime in the near future. Want to be the first to know when the game is released? Be sure to set a Gamezebo game alert!