Temporary price reductions have become a common practice among iPhone publishers looking to draw attention to their titles, but does it actually achieve results? If you partner with the right program, the results can be astounding. Aurora Feint has just released data regarding its recent partnership with Get Set Games, and the numbers are much larger than one might expect.

At 2,500 downloads a day, the Get Set Games release Mega Jump was seeing a moderate level of success in the App Store. Then the developer decided to participate in OpenFeint’s Free Game of the Day program. During the 3-day period that Mega Jump was offered for free, downloads of Mega Jump climbed to more than 1 million. The game quickly occupied the #1 spot on the charts in more than 25 countries.

What’s more, participating in the program had direct results on the company’s bottom line. Revenue grew by 170% for the 3 week period after the promotion.

“We wanted to feature Mega Jump on OpenFeint because we thought the network had truly viral promotion capability. We knew we’d get a bump in sales, but wanted to test this theory,” said Derek van Vliet, Co-Founder of Get Set Games. “The promotion was an amazing success. It’s been a great ride for our studio and has dramatically increased our revenue stream.”

Developers interested in participating in the program can learn more by visiting freegameoftheday.com/about.