Fans of ngmoco’s We Rule have been eagerly anticipating the two spin-offs that were announced earlier this summer, and for those in Canada the wait just grew shorter. We Farm, the first of two new We games for the iPhone and iPad, is now available for download in the great white north.

While it may seem a tad unfair to give certain countries an early exclusive, ngmoco frequently uses Canadian gamers to test their sever stability before launching their games to the rest of the world. Apple’s system makes it notoriously difficult for developers to involve the thousands of players needed for a network strength beta test. By launching early in Canada, ngmoco can effectively get the same results.

The test isn’t a guarantee that the network will be flawless once the game is unleashed on the masses; We Rule‘s launch problems back in March are a testament to that. But if all goes well in Canada, virtual farmers around the world will be grooming their livestock soon enough.

Want to learn more about We Farm? Be sure to check out our preview!