2010 is quickly shaping up to be the year of cross-platform gaming. Steam kicked things off earlier with their Mac vs PC multiplayer announcement back in March. Right behind that was the release of Namco’s UniteSDK platform, and later this summer we’ll even see the OpenFeint network running across multiple mobile devices. Thanks to publisher SGN, there’s one more title we throw on the cross-device fire.

Launched on the iPhone in December 2009, Skies of Glory is an aerial combat game featuring the sights and sounds of World War II. With the recent release of the Android version, players who pick up the game on either the iPhone or Android will be able to compete against players on both devices. The Android version was developed in collaboration with Revo Solutions Games, the same development partner that helped SGN bring Skies of Glory to the iPhone late last year.

“Mobile phones are unquestionably the gaming platform of the future. Smartphones are becoming accessible to all, and we are really excited to offer a true multi-platform, multiplayer social mobile gaming experience through ‘Skies of Glory,’ said SGN CEO Randy Breen. “As more and more people connect with family and friends through gaming, we continue to facilitate that connection regardless of users’ device or platform preferences.”

Skies of Glory is available now to all Android users with a phone operating above 2.0.