SuperFun Town – Game Introduction

SuperFun Town is a Facebook game developed by iwi that lets players grow a small town to a buzzing city. Become a mayor and build homes to accommodate residents, construct factories and shops to produce goods to earn coins, and help other neighboring towns by offering donuts to their workers. This quick start guide will provide you with tips to get started playing SuperFun Town.

Getting Started

A simple tutorial is offered when you start the game. Here’s a video for you to learn the basics of collecting rent from houses, earn coins from factories and restocking them, house new residents that arrive in your town and construct buildings. Going through the tutorial will help you reach level 2.

Name your Town

Make your mark and create a unique name for your town. You will be given a chance to do this before you start the tutorial or at any time when you visit daily.

SuperFun Town

Collect Rent and Sales

To earn more coins in the game, you need to collect rent from houses and sales from factories or shops. Houses take longer and you can collect rent once a day. Earnings from shops and factories are dependent on what you’ve built and what you decide to offer.

As an example, building a general store will offer 3 choices compared to a coffee shop that has 4. The longer it takes for an item to be available, the more coins you’ll earn.

SuperFun Town

Tip: It will be more profitable to get the lowest earning item if you plan to stay online longer. Using the same example, choosing to offer feed in your general store will earn you 42 coins every 5 minutes. Staying for an hour will earn you 504 coins. That is bigger than choosing propane tanks, which only earn you 420 coins within the 8 hour timeframe.

Remember to collect on time! You can potentially lose your earnings if the time expires.

Customize Buildings

Paint your town red (or any color)! Clicking on the paintbrush at the main menu and picking a house will let you customize the look of your homes.

SuperFun Town

You can change the colors of the roof, its walls, and also accent items on each home. This is the time to be creative. Why not color your trailers red and adobe homes blue or even have your huts remain as they are. This will help when your city has grown to know where these buildings are. It can sometimes get crowded and confusing if they look the same.

Take note that painting them doesn’t earn you coins or experience points. But, admittedly, it makes a town prettier and livelier.

House and Hire a Friend

Each factory, store and house, you can earn bonus coins by adding friends to them. Click on an active building or home and a screen will appear giving you a choice to hire or house a friend. Choosing that option will let you pick someone from your friend list, whether they are playing the game or not.

SuperFun Town

You can opt to share this event to all of your friends which will be posted to your wall or just to your friend who you just hired or housed, which will post a message on their walls. This is a way to invite them to join you in SuperFun Town to become your neighbor.

You’ll notice that the number of potential coins for that building have increased.

Tip: Add friends to all of your buildings and see your potential income rise!

Grow your Town

Every day, your bus stop will bring in new residents who would like to live in your town. Build houses to accommodate them. As you progress through the game, houses that have more space in them will be unlocked.

Take note that the bus stop will bring in a few residents several times a day but it has a maximum point. You’ll have to wait for the next day to welcome new citizens.

Tip: If you want to bring in more and can’t wait, you can build an additional bus stop. Go to the build menu and choose transport. You’ll need to be at least level 7 to start building another one.

Give Donuts to Neighbor’s Workers

Help your friends by visiting their towns and offer donuts to their workers. You have 5 free donuts to share on every visit. Choose an available shop or factory that hasn’t been “donuted” and this will potentially give your friend more coins when they collect their earnings as soon as it is ready.

Tip: You can’t give donuts to buildings that have already been “donuted” by other friends. To know, you’ll see a donut image on top of that building. Try visiting next time or other neighbors to help out.

Set an Alert and Follow for Updates

Be sure to click on “set an alert” on the top of this page to be notified of any updates, reviews, posts, tips, and cheats for SuperFun Town. We’ll be updating our guides all the time.