On the App Store for less than a month, RocketCat Games’ follow-up to 2009’s grappling hook platformer Hook Champ has just received its second update. Version 1.2 introduces some difficulty tweaks, new levels, dialogue, and of course… more hats.

Available as a free update to Super QuickHook owners, version 1.2 introduces players to “The Mystic Ruins,” a set of three regular levels and one nightmare level meant to test the mettle of even the toughest QuickHook players.

For those looking to find something a little less challenging, the acid in the Fungus levels (introduced in version 1.1) has been tweaked, allowing players to survive about 60% longer in it. Other additions include new hat options, grappling hooks, secrets and OpenFeint achievements.

If you thought the update train would stop rolling after two, you’d better think again. RocketCat is already teasing update 3, saying “it will be a huge one, featuring the sequel to Avalanche Mode and new characters.”