When we first reviewed Sketch Nation Shooter back in March, a vertical shooter where players can create their own levels with their own hand drawn art, we loved the limitless possibilities it offered to creative gamers. What we weren’t so keen on, however, was how players were forced to have a Facebook account if they wanted to create and share levels. That’s why we couldn’t be more pleased to see that a recent update has completely revamped the way levels are shared, rendering our earlier complaints moot.

Version 1.2 of Sketch Nation Shooter abandons its Facebook dependence, allowing you to download, create and share in the more than 2000 user-created games available without needing to log into the popular social network (though the option to do so is still available if you choose). Finding great user content has also been made easier with the introduction of a new download screen, featuring tabs that sort by ratings, showcase the most popular content in the last 24 hours, and allow for user-generated search.

Regarding the other concern we had in our review, that images needed to be photographed in an incredibly bright light, this update features a tweak to the image recognition algorithm that should mean the game does a better job of recognizing your images.


In addition to all of the performance tweaks addressing earlier concerns, version 1.2 also brings some new content to the table. 6 new art packs are available, including one created by the team behind the popular web comic 2P Start.

It’s an awful lot to pack into one update, and they have even more on the way. Expect to see more game creation features and options arriving in a future update.