Pet Resort – Game Introduction

Pet Resort is a Facebook game application developed by Playdom with Purina as the major sponsor. This game is all about taking care of dogs and cats in your own resort so you can earn coins. These pets visit your resort so they can eat, drink, be check and play. They will leave you coins and popularity points in return. The more you earn coins, the more you can purchase items for them and the more you can build new stations. All you need in this game is your creativity and management skill. If you’re planning to play this game, this guide will help you out.

Choosing your character

After the game loaded, you will be given two characters to choose from. You can choose between boy and girl.

Pet Resort

Choosing and naming your pet

The second step is choosing your pet. You can choose between cat or dog. You can give name to your pet by typing in the name box. After selecting, a selection of breed of your chosen pet will appear, select one and click the check button.

Pet Resort

Petting Watson

This game has a tutorial that you need to follow before you can start the actual game. This is for you to be familiarized with the game itself, the buttons and the flow. The first thing you will do is “petting a pet”. A dog with star named Watson will appear in your door. This is a VIP pet ,meaning “Very Important Pet”. To pet him, hover your mouse over him and when the heart shapes appeared click the pet. This will increase your popularity by 0.2.

Pet Resort

Feeding Watson

Since you pet Watson, his heart grew and need something to eat. To prepare a dish, click the green box so you can serve Kibbles & Gravvy for him. Taking care of pets like Watson will give you experience points, coins and popularity.

Pet Resort

Petting a cat

After feeding Watson, it is now time to feed the hungry cat standing in front of your door. To feed her, click the green box placed in the other station. Right after clicking, meal station will appear in your screen showing you the food you can give to the hungry cat. Click the “Roasted Fish” and it will automatically placed in your counter. In real game, you have to wait for 5 minutes before the Roasted Fish will be served. The hungry cat will now be fed and will leave you popularity points and coins in return.

Pet Resort

Buying new sections, expansions, and decorations

Since you now have extra coins in your account, it is now time to buy some new stations in the shop. To shop, click the “Shop” button located at the left bottom part of the game screen. You can find the following in the shop:

  • Décor
  • Station
  • Expand
  • Locale

Pet Resort

You do not get experience points every time you shop for decors and stations. You get experience points each time you finished cooking food and serving meals to pets. You can decorate your resort by checking out the Décor tab. You can see items for pets like meal station and play station in the Station tab. Expand tab is where you can purchase expansion for your resort. Each expansion has required no. of neighbors and coins. You can also expand your resort by using cash. Locale tab is where you can purchase new location for your resort. You need to level up first before you can unlock new location. Remember that all items in the shop need to unlock before you can purchase them. The way you can unlock them is buying leveling up.

Decorating and re-arranging items

When decorating and placing your new items, make sure that the path is clear so that the pets can walk through. You can rearrange your items by clicking the “Inventory” button located at the left part of the game screen. Click and drag your items on its new place and click the check button. Click the “Save” button located at the upper right part of the game screen to save the game progress.

Pet Resort


You will be given trophies each time you made a record while playing the game. The most common one is the “Shopaholic” award which will be given to you upon purchasing 10,000 worth of items. You can find the different achievements in the “Achievement” button located at the bottom right part of the game screen.

Pet Resort

Coins and cash

Coins and cash are the two currencies in Pet Resort. These two can be used to purchase items in the shop. You may add cash by clicking the “Add Cash” button located at the left upper side of the game screen.

Adding neighbors and sending gifts

Adding friends and sending them gifts box will appear anytime in the game. If you want to invite your friends to join the fun, you can do so by clicking the invite friends in the box or by clicking the “Add Friend” button you can find beside your friends list. You can also send them free gifts by clicking the “Send gifts” tab located at the upper part of the game screen.

Pet Resort