Fanglies – Game Introduction

Fanglies is a Facebook game developed by Playdom that lets you build a village of cute vampire looking creatures. Create a community with different Fanglies by constructing shops to sell or add to the village, add items to your collection, feed everyone with snacks to maintain energy levels and do unique activities to keep them happy. This quick start guide will provide you with tips to get started playing Fanglies.

Build Shops to Produce Items

Constructing commercial buildings within Fanglies will help you earn a profit by making items and selling them. When you start off with the game, make items that take a shorter time to produce. This will help you earn coins faster and be able to afford more items as you progress through the game.

Tip: Once you have enough coins, prioritize in building more shops and maintain at least 3. Depending on how long you can stay in the game, you’ll have 3 items being produced at the same time.

Another benefit of building shops is to produce items to add to your village or den. Say, the Parks and Gardens shop can produce landscape items which you can place in your village. The Cheap n’ Nice store can help you make basic furniture for your den. If you decide to keep them, you can find it in your inventory.

Tip: Instead of buying these items at the Mall (which are more expensive), produce them yourself. You’ll save coins and get your desired item at a discounted price.


Remember to collect the finished item on time or else it’s going to expire and you will lose your investment.

Keep Busy with Activities

There are tons to do in your village, even in your den. Remove dust bunnies, dig sand mounds, fish at the lake, pull weeds and check out cracks on the ground. Each activity will rewards you coins and experience points which will help you progress faster.


Take note that doing each activity requires a certain number of energy points. Go through each activity at least once to know which ones to do next time. A fanglie won’t do anything if their energy level is low. Feed them with food from your inventory to refill energy points.

Complete your Collections

Collecting items is perfect to earn more coins. The rewards are greater when all of the items in each group have been collected. You will find these items from doing certain activities. Look for items that sparkle. Take note that each will deplete your energy points.

The fishing collection can be found when you fish at the lake. When a “ripple in the water” appears, start fishing. You’ll eventually get all the fish you need in your collection. Each group can reward your from 200 coins to 9000 when completed.


Digging in a sand mound will give you different types of shells, starfish, treasure maps and pirate items. The sand collection can reward you 600 coins up to 20,000.

Checking out the cracks in the ground will uncover jewels, gems, stones, coins and fossils. This collection group will reward you 800 coins up to 25,000.

There are special bush collections which can only be gifted by friends. Once received, check your inventory and place it in your village. A Fanglie will automatically smash it and an item will be rewarded. Completing them

You can also add missing items to your wish list which will post a notice to your wall. Friends can help out and send you these items.


Add More Fanglies

No fanglie is an island. Grow your village by adding more fanglies for you to interact with. You can purchase fanglies at the mall and each have their own personality. A special fanglie will appear when you construct premium buildings such as the Chillibowl’s Diner.

Tip: Adding a fanglie to your community will expand your energy limit and reward you with experience points.


This can become expensive as you progress and you’ll need to check your population limit. Expanding your village will allow you to add another fanglie.

Keep your Fanglies Happy

Fanglies have different personalities and their desires are unique. Clicking on one will open up their “desires” window, which you can then choose the activity for them to do.


You’ll be guided with the information found in the window which will indicate the required number of energy points to do the activity and how many coins and experience points you will earn.

It’s recommended to choose the activity that gives you the highest rewards. If your goal is to level up faster, then this is the way to go.

Help Fanglie Neighbors

Be a good neighbor and help out fellow fanglies. Visit them and help out by cleaning their den or village. Whether it be sporks or dirty cans lying about because of a party, helping them will earn you 250 coins and 20 experience points. You know the drill – the more neighbors the better and you can help them once a day.

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