Playdom has just released Fanglies on Facebook. Fanglies can best be described as a virtual pets meets city building game for Facebook. Fanglies are essentially little bears with big heads each sporting their own outfit and distinct personality. They are both cute and ugly at the same time, making them quite…endearing.

In the words of Playdom on the game’s fan page:

“Create your ideal village with Fanglies! Each cute Fanglie has their own personality, likes and dislikes, and unique interactions. Build up your village and watch your Fanglies socialize and play! What kind of world will you create?”

The game is clearly inspired by The Sims except instead of collecting, raising, and managing little Sims, you’re doing the same for the Fanglies.

It’s a brilliant concept and frankly, I’m surprised no one has released a game like this yet on Facebook.

Playdom’s strategy to take over the top spot from Zynga has been to buy a games company a month and to the most popular games on other platforms and create unique versions of such games for Facebook (Social City, Verdonia, and now Fanglies).

I’m skeptical about the former strategy but bullish on the latter strategy. The best way to grow your games on Facebook is to create games that are unbelievably unique, social, and addictive. Fanglies is only a few hours old but based on my game experience so far, Playdom may have just released their next hit game for Facebook.

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