Exclusive Video: Tour of Silica Flats

With only a few days left between now and the games July 8th release, Gamezebo has been given an exclusive video from the game’s developers that showcases the sprawling world of Xenome: Episode 1. Enjoy!

Xenome: Episode 1 Preview

While the iPhone hardware may be capable of some grandiose things, sprawling 3D role-playing games are few and far between. With the exception of Ravensword and Chaos Rings, we’d be hard pressed to name another that’s graced the system. Xenome: Episode 1 is looking to be the next epic 3D RPG of note, taking players on a trip to a post-apocalyptic wasteland of the future.

In Episode 1, players will take the role of “The Scientist,” a dangerous man that has just awoken from a 250 year cryostasis. Pursued by two warring corporations, The Scientist takes up The Shattered League, an organization searching for fragments of the past that have been scattered all over the arid wasteland of Silica Flats.

Players will be able to complete more than 60 missions in the first episode, which will in turn reward them with experience and wealth which will lead to new equipment, stats and abilities. With more than 500 items available, players will have a great deal of choice when it comes to customization.

The game world itself is said to offer more than 5 square miles to explore, and enough creatures to battle and side missions to complete that gamers can keep enjoying Xenome long after the main story has been completed.

 Episode 1

Players anxious to explore this post-apocalyptic wasteland won’t have to wait long. Xenome: Episode 1 is tentatively scheduled to arrive on the App Store on July 8th.