Lucky Train combines elements railroad tycoon with city building to create an uniquely social gaming experience

Train routes have been connecting people and places to each other for centuries, so it seems only natural for Lucky Train to do the same on Facebook. The brand new title from startup A Bit Lucky combines elements of the railroad tycoon genre (think Sid Meier’s Railroads!) with city building and a heavy dose of social gameplay.

At the heart of Lucky Train is your train station, where train tracks stretch out on either side as far as the eye can see. When a train rolls in, you’ll fill it up with passengers and send it on its way again, collecting coins and experience points in the process.

Lucky Train

Around the train station you’ll get to build up a city by building houses, shops, parks, and a variety of flowers, shrubs and other decorations. These structures are what produce the passengers that ride the train.

Different types of buildings produce different passengers, including your typical economy class commuter up to luxury passengers, as well as children, teens, senior citizens, politicians and more.

Both the trains and buildings can be upgraded. You’ll start with plain old trains, but can add more powerful engines and more cars, increasing their passenger capacity and speed and turning your fleet from old clunkers to sleek diesel-engined monorails. The faster a train, the faster it completes its route and returns to the station to load up more passengers.

Lucky Train

According to the developer, the game’s graphics were a blend of European style and an aesthetic inspired by Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki (Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away).

The social aspects of Lucky Train are quite intriguing. With each new friend invited to the game, you add a train route between you and that friend. You can add multiple friends to the same train route by incorporating multiple “stops” along the way, and your friends can do the same so that routes can grow by six degrees of separation.

Lucky Train

Another interesting feature currently in the “coming soon” category is that trains will at some point be able to haul cargo as well as passengers. For example, you could send a train out to get steel and then use that to build a tower for your city.

Lucky Train is still in the very early stages of development, so expect the game to expand and change a lot in the upcoming weeks. Be sure to add a Gamezebo game alert to be notified the moment our walkthrough and review become available!