These are the most interesting new games to pop up on our radar screen today:

  • Poker: As every game on Facebook falls in usage, one game consistently grows: Zynga Poker. AOL and seem to have noticed this as well, and they have launched a Facebook version of their popular Poker suite of online games, Poker.
  • Gourmet Ranch: We’ve seen tons of Facebook games built around the farming and cafĂ© themes, but Gourmet Ranch is interesting in that it seems highly targeted at foodies. Why grow carrots to feed to your cows when you can grow organic carrots. Cows don’t eat carrots if you are going to raise crops and serve online, why not it be organic? Good idea from a new game company from the land of Manchester United, Playdemic.
  • Pirates Ahoy: Finally, lest you thought that playing puzzles and finding treasure are no longer the “it” theme for Facebook, here comes Playfish’s Pirates Ahoy. This game is very early, but every time Playfish is working on launching a game, we get excited. And it’s got pirates. Enough said. Arrrr! (Note: Kudos to aforementioned for getting this scoop).

Happy Facebook gaming!