Kheops Studio has released a unique version of its casual PC adventure Fall Trilogy – Chapter 1: Separation on Facebook. Using a unique technology from SpawnApps that allows users to embed native applications into any web page, Kheops has created an Fall Trilogy app that lets Facebook users try out a playable demo of the PC game’s first chapter.

SpawnApps technology allows games such as The Fall Trilogy to run in Windows browsers without installing any files or plug-ins on the player’s computer.

“SpawnApps’ solutions let us bypass the download-and-install steps. Players can easily access our game. Also, the same demo we used before is being used again – the game code remains unchanged,” said Benoit Hozjan, the Kheops Studio Director.

Kheops Studio, an independent video game creator since 2003, has developed adventure games for PC and Nintendo Wii including Return to Mysterious Island 1 and 2, The Secrets of Da Vinci, Safecracker, and Destination: Treasure Island.

The Fall Trilogy – Chapter 1: Separation is a mouse-driven adventure/puzzle game designed to appeal to both veteran and casual gamers. Chapter 2 in the trilogy is scheduled to come out later this month.