Mad Orange’s gritty 1930s adventure

The setting is 1930s New York, a city ravaged by corruption and decline because of the Great Depression. Private Detective Jack Del Nero receives a phone call at his Lexington Ave. office that sets off a series of events that involve, among other things, the great eclipse and the murder of his former colleague. Face Noir is an upcoming point-and-click adventure from Italian studio Mad Orange that explores these gritty themes.

Face Noir

Here’s more info on the game that we were able to dig up on the developer’s website, in the form of a narrative by Jack himself:

The lapping of the waves on the dock, the subdued light of the lamps, a revolver pointed at me… How the devil did I get here? I can’t even remember how all this started. Less than 24 hours ago I was drowning my thoughts in a bottle of second rate whiskey, bought for few dollars at the bar at the corner of 77th and Park Ave. Then, that call…

… I look vainly for my gun in my raincoat pocket, but all I can find is this damn cat-shaped statuette. This object may represent the beginning of all this story, and perhaps also its ending! Little Emily, I hope you are in a safe place now, because I won’t be able to protect you anymore. The gun barrel is already too near to rise hopes…

Face Noir

According to Mad Orange, Face Noir will offer non-linear gameplay, a jazz soundtrack, evocative 1930s atmosphere, and more than 30 different characters to interact with. We’ll keep you posted as more info becomes available.