Usually, I don’t write about management changes or additions to game companies. I’m more interested in writing about games to play and the business strategies behind the industry (which is a bit of a game itself) than who got hired and who got fired.

But, CrowdStar announced the hiring of four key hires of which, two I know well. So here’s my shout out:

  • Mark Hull – Vice President of Product Marketing & Community (I know him, good guy)
  • Robert Einspruch- Vice President of Business Development (I know him, good guy)
  • Pete Hawley – Vice President of Product Development (I don’t know him but am sure he’s a good guy)
  • Mike Ouye – Vice President of Monetization & Merchandising (ditto).

The new hires are veterans of Yahoo!, Playdom, and MumboJumbo and you can read the details here.

CrowdStar is a top 5 social games company that has prided itself as rising to the top with the lean and mean team. They have been quoted at panels and in articles bragging how their small staff (100’s of employees compared to 1000+ at Zynga) has competed with their bigger rivals.

At some point, however, you have to grow up and that is what CrowdStar is doing now. Like all social games companies, CrowdStar has seen their market share drop with new notifications at Facebook and they are at a point of their company’s life cycle where they have to take it to the next level.

With these and their previous CEO hire of Niren Hiro, they are making the right moves. The key to their future success hinges on their ability to grow into a more mature company without losing that je ne sais quoi that has made them such a successful company to date.