To celebrate the success of Angry Birds HD on the iPad (and the recent update that brought it all the features of the iPhone version), Chillingo and Rovio are launching a contest where the winner will receive a new iPad!

Running from now until 6pm PDT on Friday, July 9th, gamers that want to get their name in the running will need to follow Chillingo on Twitter, retweet their post about the contest, and submit a sketch of a new Angry Birds level to [email protected].

Don’t think you have the artistic talent to make it? Then you must not have heard about 5 year-old Ethan, a young man from Texas who drew his own level and had it included in the latest update. Still doubt your creative prowess? Don’t worry – Chillingo will be hosting two more iPad giveaways in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on their Facebook and Youtube channels for updates.