Creating every woman’s ideal man

Dr. Love has a knack for turning duds into studs, and he’s writing a book about it. In Making Mr. Right, an upcoming time management game from Gamers Digial, you’ll help Dr. Love take average men and turn them into every woman’s dream through a unique training regimen as he gathers data for his book.

Making Mr. Right

Here’s the official blurb from developer Gamers Digital:

“Help Dr. Love convert relationship rejects into perfect partners while conducting research for her new book, Making Mr. Right. Train love…less clients to boost their confidence and hone their skills to increase their chances of winning the hearts of their perfect mate. Guide potential lovers to their appropriate development and training stations to gain the alluring qualities desired by women. This fast-paced, life-changing simulation game will prove that true love can be made when you have the right characteristics in a community of love!”

Making Mr. Right

Making Mr. Right is launching July 2.