Venan Entertainment has just released their second update this month for the popular survival game Ninjatown: Trees of Doom. Their first update brought a new ninja, new items, and a tweaked difficulty to unsuspecting gamers. So what’s in store this time around? A new “time attack” mode.

In time attack, players will be challenged to climb as high as they can before the timer runs out. Players will be about to pick up additional time by reaching checkpoints, and will now lose time when bumping into obstacles rather than falling to the ground.

“We’ve been pretty vocal about adding tons of new content to Trees of Doom!,” said Brandon Curiel, CEO of Venan Entertainment. “This new game mode addresses a lot of the comments we’ve gotten from fans asking for a race mode, and it’s an absolute blast to play.”

In addition to the time attack mode, this new update brings 11 new awards and a brand new Plus+ leaderboard. CEO Curiel has also dropped a few hints about what we can expect in the future. “You’ll be seeing our new ‘scribble’ theme, new ninjas and an iPad enhanced “HD” version all coming up soon.”