That’s So Query! Review

Unique ideas for trivia games are few and far between nowadays, but every now and then a Sporcle or Wiki Hunt comes along and surprises us. Having more in common with the latter than the former, That’s So Query! takes the intriguing and often hilarious suggested search terms on Google and turns them into a guessing game that takes your pulse on the queries of the common man.

If you’ve ever searched on Google (and unless you’ve just time travelled here from 1973, we’re going to assume that you have) you’ve no doubt noticed that typing anything into the search box will bring up a list of suggestions. For example, when I type in “how big is” I’m given options like “how big is an acre” and “how big is the universe.” The reason these pop up is because they’re the most frequently searched for terms that start with “how big is.” That’s So Query! takes that data and presents it quiz style, tasking you to pick the most commonly searched for questions that start with specific words.

That's So Query! That's So Query!

Each game lasts only 10 rounds, and you’ll earn more points the quicker you answer. The format is incredibly basic, but given the uniqueness of the game it doesn’t really require any additional bells and whistles. You’ll be given a question like “are cops…” and you’ll need to pick the most popular answer from four options. In this case, if you picked “allowed to speed?” you’d be correct. Every fifth round is a bonus round where you’ll need to sort the answers from most to least popular. The games are quick and dirty, over in only a minute or two, but they’re fun and offer just enough of a taste to draw you back in for another play.

The presentation is surprisingly strong here, with slick visuals and polished animations sliding all of the questions in and out of the play area. There’s also a “view stats” option for each answer, letting you check out a pie chart that details percentages of the top four answers. The one thing that was conspicuously absent, however, was sound. That’s So Query! has no music, no sound effects – nothing. It’s a strange omission, especially considering how polished the rest of the package is.

That’s So Query is a terrific little diversion for information junkies such as myself, but with answers based on guesswork rather than actual knowledge it’s hard to call this a trivia game. Guessing is fun – but it’s not the same as knowing. As such, every game completed can offer up an “isn’t that neat?” reaction, but can never pin down any sense of accomplishment or satisfaction. If you’re looking for a neat little game to pass the time on car trips or around the office this summer, That’s So Query should provide an excellent conversation starter. Just don’t expect the single player satisfaction that the common trivia nerd craves.