Gamers lucky enough to pick up an iPhone 4 during last week’s launch have been falling in love with the crisp and clear visuals offered by the retina display – and yet so few games are really taking advantage of it yet. Thanks to a recent update, however, Doodle Find players on the iPhone 4 can now search for objects at 4x the resolution of their 3GS cousins.

In addition to retina display support, version 2.2 of Doodle Find also supports iOS 4 multitasking and now runs natively on the iPad. This means iPad gamers looking to get their Doodle Find on will no longer need to run the lower resolution iPhone version on the bigger device. Despite these recent additions, Doodle Find remains a free download.

KlickTock seems determined to make sure their most recent release stays relevant in light of Apple’s changing hardware, setting a great example for other small developers to follow. Want to know what they’re working on next? Be sure to read our recent interview with KlickTock’s Matthew Hall!