Free games are all around us, but they may not be as easy to find as you’d think. We help you sort through the App Store to find the latest price drops and limited time offers so that you won’t have to spend a penny. Today’s free games include sheepish soldiers, paper fish, a fireworks extravaganza, and more!

Free iPhone Games is a new feature on Gamezebo. Be sure to check back every day to discover the latest and greatest games that have just gone free on the App Store!

  • Saving Private Sheep – Wolves are at the ready, and in the world of sheep that means only one thing – war! Navigate sheep past hungry wolves in this fun physics game with an adorable military-meets-barnyard theme. (Review)
  • EXO-Planet – Live multiplayer third-person shooting is the name of the game in EXO-Planet. Grab a weapon and compete against real competition in zero gravity!
  • Superblox – Light puzzles and frantic action mix in this popular recent release. Normally $1.99, you can pick Superblox up for free this week only.
  • Bright Night – Rhythm gameplay explodes in the night sky in Bright Night, a timing game about detonating fireworks.
  • Paper Plane – Build your own paper plane and see how far it will fly in this fun twist on distance survival.
  • Paper Fish – Go fishing in this visually enticing game about catching paper-folded fish with magnets.