We Farm Preview

Not content to simply sit on the success of their popular social iDevice game We Rule, ngmoco has recently announced two new titles in their We series. But while We City is gearing up to take us on a journey through urban landscapes, their other new title is keeping things decidedly rural.

We Farm will set itself apart from other farming games on the market by putting its focus not on crops, but on livestock. While players will still be able to plant seeds and harvest vegetation, it appears as though this will serve as little more than window dressing on an animal-heavy experience.

We Farm

We Farm

Like real animals, the livestock in We Farm will require a good deal of love and care. Keep them happy by petting them, and they’ll grow up to win a blue ribbon at the county fair. That blue ribbon is more than just a badge of honor – it’s a gateway into a new element of the game. Send a sheep to the fair that wins a blue ribbon and they’ll come back and set up a wool shop that will generate gold, for example.

In addition to the typical stable of farm animals like cows, chickens, and horses, ngmoco is including a number of other animals in the experience. Expect to pet gorillas, ostriches, and other exotic creatures before sending them off for their blue ribbon awards.

We Farm

The social elements of We Rule look to be repeat themselves here, with other farmers being able to visit your rural homestead and place orders at the production facilities your blue ribbon animals create. Like We Rule, as well, the social scope is fairly limited. Sending in-game messages is still not part of the formula, and you won’t be able to help your friends care for their animals.

With an interesting variety of animals and some interesting twists on We series gameplay, We Farm might just have what it takes to stand out in a sea of iDevice farming games. Find out for yourself when it launches on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch later this year.