Home Sweet Home Online is coming to Facebook

Big Blue Bubble is planning to release an online version of its hit game series, Home Sweet Home, on Facebook very soon and we got the exclusive scoop and screen shots!

In Home Sweet Home Online, players will be able to design their own rooms, rate each other’s rooms, and compete for prizes.

Home Sweet Home Online

By playing mini-games, players earn points to purchase furniture as well as to compete with friends. In the preview version we played, there are 5 mini-games (all time-based so far) and more on the way:

  • Odd Man Out: A spot the difference game where you have to race against the clock to find the avatar that is different.
  • Hardware Store: A simple time management-style game where you need to serve your customers while keeping them satisfied.
  • Match Two: A memory card game where you must match pairs of cards before time runs out.
  • Master of Disguise: The opposite of “spot the difference,” you need to match the avatar on left with a line of avatars on the right (much more difficult than it sounds).
  • Tool Drop: A basic arcade game where you have to catch tools before they hit the ground.

Home Sweet Home Online

Big Blue Bubble has always delivered when is comes its download games, so we’re excited to see how their first foray into Facebook games delivers.

Check out our exclusive screen shots and set an alert to be notified when this game is officially released.