Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action! – Game Introduction

Welcome to the Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action! walkthrough at Gamezebo. Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action! is a time management game played on PC created by Sandlot Games. This guide contains a detailed explanation of how to play the game along with many tips and helpful strategies to help you earn the highest score possible.

General Game Information

  • Game Storyline – Cake Mania lights, Camera, Action! continues the story of Jill Evans and her friends running successful businesses in Bakersfield. Jill is now happily married to Jack and in addition to running a very successful Bakery they are expecting their first baby within the next month. Bakersfield is getting national attention now that the famous Director Michel Be wants to film his adaptation of Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice in their small town. Will Bakersfield be able to handle all the excitement and demands a major movie brings? What will Jack and Jill name their new bundle of joy? What other big surprises are around the corner for the people of Bakersfield?
  • NOTE – You can skip the storyline cartoon by clicking the “Skip” button at the upper right of the game screen.
  • The game can be played in timed or relaxed mode within any of the three venues.
  • There are three different games within Cake Mania Lights, Camera, Action! each with the same customer base exhibiting the same behaviors.
  • When you begin the game you will be asked to enter a user name and choose between relaxed and timed mode. You can switch between these modes at any time in the game without penalty. If playing in relaxed mode the level you are playing will end as soon as you earn the minimum amount of money required to reach your goal.
  • Timed Mode – Timed mode lasts from 1 to 4 minutes. Once time runs out the store is closed but you will be allowed to continue to serve all customers still inside the store.
  • Relaxed Mode – Lasts until you meet the level goal earning the minimum amount of money required to pass the level. Any remaining customers in the store will not be served once the goal has been met.
  • You will have to meet your goal to pass the level and if you do exceptionally well you will reach the “Superstar Goal”
  • You will begin the game by choosing the Evan’s Bakery and will be taken through a brief tutorial as to how to bake and ice the cakes and how to purchase upgrades, repair equipment, or sell items if you choose.
  • After you reach the 3rd day at Evan’s Bakery Risha’s Fashion Boutique will unlock and you can toggle between locations.
  • After you reach day 3 of Risha’s Fashion Shop this will unlock Gordo’s Pizzeria. You can toggle between all three locations on the town map playing them in whichever order you would like. Whenever you play the game you will see the option at the bottom right of the screen to go to the town map.
  • Evans Bakery – 60 Levels which can be played in timed mode, relaxed mode or both.
  • Risha’s Boutique – 25 Levels which can be played in timed mode, relaxed mode or both.
  • Gordo’s Pizzeria – 25 Levels which can be played in timed mode, relaxed mode or both.
  • As you complete the game in relaxed mode and timed mode you will earn trophies in the form of items to decorate the Nursery for the Evan’s upcoming baby.
  • Several of the customers have specific behaviors that effect the other customers in line. You will need to learn these behaviors in order to successfully complete the level goal.
  • There are bonus items that will help increase the patience of your customers such as the television and free cookies. These items are available in Evan’s Bakery and Gordo’s Pizzeria and when used correctly will increase happiness and give you more time to complete orders.
  • Upgrades can be purchased between levels with the money you have earned from previous levels. You can also sell items back to the store at half of their original purchase price.
  • Each customer has a preference as to which channel they prefer on the television. Memorizing which channel each customer prefers will give you a huge advantage especially in timed mode.

Town Map

 Lights, Camera, Action!

  • Above is the image of the town map with the locations of each store you can work in once it is unlocked.
  • Click on the location and answer “yes” to the prompt.
  • Once all three locations are unlocked you can play them in any order and in whichever mode you prefer. (Timed or Relaxed)
  • Your progress will be automatically saved when you leave the game.
  • NOTE – Be sure to check out the “Hidden Surprises” section at the bottom of this guide as it will show you how to find hidden Easter Eggs in the Town Map.


  • At the end of each level you will see a level summary showing how much money was earned and lost.
  • Each level has a goal and a Superstar goal.
  • Each time you earn money by completing a level in any of the three stores that money is added together for your overall score.
  • Your overall score can be seen at the bottom right of the town map.

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Scoring for Evan’s Bakery

  • Money is earned by the cakes you make and decorate. The more tiers and toppings a cake has the more money you will earn.
  • Money will be deducted for any cake that must be thrown away. TIP – Purchase a display plate as soon as you can afford it so future customers will buy it instead of throwing it out. Upgrade the plate two times to a refrigerated display case and you can keep cakes in it that never need to be thrown away if they are not sold. Any cakes not sold will carry over to your next turn.
  • The more hearts surrounding a customer when you serve the cake the higher the tip will be.

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Scoring for Risha’s Boutique

  • Money is earned by filling the orders above the customer’s head. This can be in text or picture format.
  • Money is not deducted for mistakes. If you make a mistake you can place items in the bin at the bottom of the screen.
  • The more hearts surrounding a customer when you give them their merchandise the higher your tip will be.
  • TIP – Customers will ask for 1 to 3 items at a time. If a customer asks for 3 items and you hand them all three at once you will receive an extra $5.00 Clearance Bonus.

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Scoring for Gordo’s Pizzeria

  • Money is earned by assembling the ingredients the customer has asked for located in the thought bubble above their head.
  • You must click on the correct ingredient in the exact order shown.
  • Some items will need to be cooked before they can be served. TIP – Try and precook as many items as possible to save time.
  • NOTE – There is NO penalty for mistakes. If you click on the incorrect item simply click on something else or click on the trash bin at the bottom of the screen to clear your cursor.
  • The more hearts surrounding the customer when you serve them their food the higher your tip will be.

Chaining Meters

 Lights, Camera, Action!

 Lights, Camera, Action!

  • NOTE – Scores are increased if you chain your actions. Doing any activity such as collecting money 3 times in a row will trigger the Chaining Meter which will appear above the customers heads. If you chain enough times to fill up this meter you will receive a large bonus.

Customer Descriptions/Effects on Other Customers and Preferences

  • Each Customer has a set patience level and some have specific effects on other customers which effect how you serve them. Each Customer also has a television channel preference listed in their description.
  • Whenever a customer is in one of the shops you will see hearts around them which indicates their level of happiness. The more hearts a customer has when you give them their merchandise the more money you will earn.

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Jill – Jill shops in Risha’s Boutique and in Gordo’s Pizzeria. She has a lot of patience and does not effect the customers in any way while in line. Jill prefers the yellow Television Channel. (Fashion Show)

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Jack – Jack has a special feature about him as he always forgets what he goes out for. When he is in the Boutique or the Pizzeria you will see many things flash in his thought bubble. Wait until you see an item that is in the store and click on it and give it to Jack. Jack will NOT leave until you find the item he needs. NOTE – In the Pizzeria sometimes Jack will ask for uncooked Eggplant. Look to see if there are stripes on it. If not give him raw Eggplant. Jack prefers the green television channel (Soccer Game) when it is available.

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Risha – Risha shops in the Bakery and the Pizzeria, has no affect on other customers and is very patient in line. Risha prefers the green television channel. (Soccer Game)

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Ballerina – The Ballerina does not appear to have any effect on other customers and prefers the yellow television channel when it is available. (Fashion Show)

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Man in Chicken Suit – The Man in the Chicken Suit has medium patience and does not effect any other customer. He prefers the Orange Channel on the Television. (Game Show)

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Farmer – The Farmer has moderate patience and does not have any effect on the other customers when in line. Sometimes he pairs up with the Shopaholic in line. He prefers the yellow Television channel (Fashion Show)

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Little Boy- The little Boy has moderate patience and does not affect other customers in line. The Little boy prefers the blue channel on the Television when it is available. (Cooking Show)

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Mime – Mimes love other Mimes and if more than one appears they will always pair up together asking for 2 cakes as one unit. Mimes aren’t very patient and prefer the blue button on the television. (The Cooking Show)

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Cameraman – The cameraman films the other people in line which makes them happy and gives them a few extra hearts. NOTE – This is only done BEFORE he is given a menu.

The Cameraman prefers the yellow button on the Television which is the fashion show.

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Movie Star – Once you click on the menu for the movie star in the Bakery and Italian Restaurant everyone else in line will automatically change their order to what she is having. This can be a huge advantage if it is timed out correctly. If you see the movie star in line do not bake the other customers cakes or fill their orders. Click on all the available menus and every order will change to match the movie star. This is a great way to make chaining bonuses if you are fast. The movie star prefers the Green button on the television which is the soccer game.

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Shopaholic – The shopaholic can be quite pesky as she has sticky fingers and will steal any money you leave unattended next to her. Be sure to collect money from any customer directly to the left or right of the shopaholic or she will steal the money and you will not get credit for that sale. The shopaholic prefers the Orange button on the TV – (The Game Show)

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Psychic Sheila – When Psychic Sheila is in the room she will allow you to see what all the other customers in line want to order before you even hand them a menu. This is done before you click on her Menu. Psychic Shelia prefers the Blue Television Channel. (Cooking Show)

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Angry Dwarf – The Angry Dwarf will scare away other customers in line during the time before you click on his menu. Each time he becomes angry he will scare the customer next to him away. Be sure to click on the menu right away when an angry dwarf comes into a store. The Angry Dwarf prefers the Orange Button on the Television. (Talk Show)

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Knight – The Knight always demands to be served first and you will not be able to serve any other customers while he is in line. If you see a Knight in line stop and serve him first to unlock the menus of the other customers. You will be locked out of serving everyone else until the Knight is served. The Knight prefers the Yellow button on the Television (Fashion Show) NOTE – Knights do not effect other Knights when there is more than one.

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Ninja – The Ninja gives off a smokescreen when he arrives which makes it impossible to interact with the other customers for a few moments. If a Ninja appears serve him right away if you can. The Ninja prefers the Green button on the Television (Soccer Game) but it only increases his happiness by one heart and does not help very much. You will need to serve Ninjas right away. NOTE – Ninjas do effect other Ninjas. If a customer is affected by a Ninja they will be covered in black for a few moments. You may also see a colorful cloud appear around the affected customer for a few seconds.

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Yeti – The Yeti will make all customers in the store immediately lose hearts on his arrival. He also will freeze the customers directly next to him making it impossible to interact with them until they thaw out. If he freezes a customer all you can do is wait and serve the Yeti right away to get rid of him. The Yeti prefers the Orange Television Channel when it is available. (Talk Show)

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Stuntman – The Stuntman is the impatient man that is always on fire. He doesn’t appear to affect the other customers but does pair up frequently in the Bakery. The Stuntman prefers the Blue Television channel. (Cooking Show)

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Super Cat Lady – Super Cat Lady has a special power in which she turns all the other customers in the store into Mimes. If she enters the store stop what you are doing and wait for her to transform the customers which will have entirely different orders once they are changed to Mimes. TIP – Try to serve Super Cat Lady first whenever possible as this will keep her from turning other customers to Mimes unless you want this to happen for a chaining bonus. Super Cat Lady prefers the Green Television Channel (Soccer Game) when it is available.

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Sumo Wrestler in Suit – The Sumo Wrestler in the Suit is fairly patient but will order 4 different cakes one after the other when in the Bakery and 3 sets of clothing when in the Boutique. When in the Pizzeria he orders 2 different meals. Prefers the Orange Television Channel (Talk Show)

Television Preferences

 Lights, Camera, Action!

 Lights, Camera, Action!

  • Once you have the funds you can purchase a television which will be installed in the upper left corner of the Bakery or Pizzeria. This Television can be upgraded once you can afford it which will make it stay on just a little longer.
  • There are four channels to the Television each with a specific show playing. Each Customer has a favorite show and if you play it while they are in line they will become happy and the number of hearts around them will increase.
  • Blue Button – (Upper Left) This is the Cooking Show and the Little Boys, Mimes, and Stuntmen prefer the Blue Channel.
  • Orange Button – (Top Right) This is the Talk Show and the Samurai in Suit, Shopaholic Girl, Guy in Chicken Suit, Yeti, and Angry Dwarf prefer this Channel.
  • Yellow Button – (Bottom Left) This is the Fashion Show and Jill, The Knight, The Cameraman, Ballerinas, Farmers, and Firemen prefer this Channel.
  • Green Button – (Bottom Right) This is the Soccer Game and Risha, The Ninjas, Movie Star, and Super Cat Lady prefer this channel. NOTE – Ninjas only get an increase of one heart from the TV so be sure to serve them first when possible.
  • NOTE – The Television can break down and if this happens you will need to pay to repair it. When it is broken only 2 channels will work and the other two will only show colored bars.
  • A higher level or upgraded Television will stay on for shorter periods of time allowing you to change the channel more often reaching a larger number of customers.

Evans’ Bakery

  • When the game begins you will only be allowed to play at Evans’ Bakery.
  • You will be taken through a brief tutorial to show you how to serve customers, bake and decorate cakes and collect funds from customers. You can skip this tutorial by clicking the “Skip” button at the bottom of the screen. There is a more detailed explanation as to how to play the game below along with tips and strategies.
  • There are 60 Levels to Evans’ Bakery.
  • Once you complete Day 3 you will unlock the next game location which is Risha’s Boutique and you can play either one. Once you reach level 3 of Risha’s Boutique you will unlock Gordo’s Pizzeria and from that point you can play at any location in any order you choose.
  • You can play in timed or relaxed mode and can switch back and forth between modes whenever you like.
  • Between each level you will be able to purchase upgraded equipment with your earning that will make it easier for you to earn more money in future levels.
  • Completing the game in timed mode and then in relaxed mode will earn you 2 pieces of furniture for the Evans’ new baby’s nursery.

 Lights, Camera, Action!

How to take orders, bake a Cake and deliver it to a Customer.

  • When the customers are in line you will need to decide which order to click on the menus depending on how one customer effects another.
  • Once you click on a menu a customer will have a thought bubble above their head showing the cake that they want.
  • You will have either a one, two or three layer cake with either a topper or fresh fruit.
  • On the oven shown above you will see four buttons which represent each shape of cake that can be purchased.
  • Click on the cake shape and wait for it to finish baking. If you wait too long to take it out of the oven it will burn up.
  • Click on the cake which appears in the oven window when finished baking.
  • Carry it over to one of the icing stations across from the ovens.
  • Click on the type of icing required and wait until the cake is finished.
  • If you have multiple layers ice them either separately and then place them in the right order by clicking on them. NOTE – Once cakes have been put together they can NOT be separated. You must make a cake that looks exactly like the image the customer is showing you. If you reverse the order of the tiers the cake will be rejected by the customer.
  • You can also ice the bottom layer and place the next layer on top and ice by clicking on the next icing color if you wish. Either technique is fine and you should choose whichever one you are fastest at.
  • If you have a topper on the you cake after all tiers are iced take it to the topper machine and click on the topper you wish to place and wait until it is complete.
  • If you must place fruit on the cake at Jill’s station you will do this last. (see instructions for Jill’s Station above)
  • Once the cake is completed take it to the customer and click on the thought bubble above them.
  • As you become more experienced you will develop your own method for baking cakes. The best method is to upgrade shoes so that Jack can walk fast as possible and then upgrade your equipment to speed it up as well. Once you have all upgrades purchased you will be able to move around very fast. Be sure to purchase a display case so you can make cakes ahead of time if possible.
  • Many of your customers will be impatient. Purchasing a television and upgrading it will be a big help to keep them happy while waiting in line. Each customer has a favorite channel and only becomes happy if you choose the correct one. Channels only stay on for a brief few seconds. Try to choose for the majority of the line when possible. (See Television and Customer descriptions)
  • Purchasing a Cookie Oven is a must as well as giving your customer a cookie will keep them happy while cakes are being made.

 Lights, Camera, Action!

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Hand Decorating Cakes with fresh Fruit (Jill’s Station)

  • Once you reach level 6 (Day 6) Jill will be sitting down and working a station where she will hand decorate cakes with fresh fruit. She will begin with Cherries and as you upgrade her station you will add lemons, and Strawberries. When a cake requires this type of decoration you ice the tiers as you normally would and then have Jack bring the cake to the station. Click on the fruit you wish to use and an image will appear above Jill’s head. There are several empty holes in the scene and you will need to click on each one to place a piece of fruit. Once all have been placed (the amount varies) then you can give the cake to the customer. These cakes give a nice price increase and happy customers tip well for them.
  • TIP – Click with your cursor slightly below the holes working from top to bottom.

Upgrading/Selling Items

 Lights, Camera, Action!

  • In between each level you will be given the opportunity to use the money you have earned in the previous level to upgrade or repair equipment.
  • You will be taken to the shopping screen before each new level.
  • You can choose to wait and save your money until you can afford larger items or purchase an item. You can also sell an item you aren’t getting much use out of for half of what you paid for it to help you afford something else if you do not want to wait for it.
  • You can also move the items around in this screen. Simply click on the item and while holding down the right mouse button drag it to the location you wish to place it. NOTE – Keep items close together and close to your worker to save steps.

Upgradeable Items in Evans’ Bakery

  • Television – The Television is a critical item as it will keep customers happy while they are waiting in line. Each customer has a specific channel preference and will become happy if you click on that channel while they are in line. This effect only lasts a few seconds and you will need to continuously push the TV channels choosing which ones will keep the largest number of customers happy or alternating to keep them all happy.
  • Shoes – Click on Jack’s feet to upgrade his shoes. Shoes can be upgraded 3 times and each upgrade causes Jack to move around the Bakery faster.
  • Baking Ovens – The ovens can be upgraded twice and each upgrade causes the oven to bake twice as fast as the one before.
  • Icing Stations – Each Icing Station can be upgraded twice to increase icing speed. The 4 Icing Colors/Flavors remain the same with each upgrade.
  • Topper Station – Each Topper Station can hold a maximum of 4 Toppers and with each upgrade another Topper is added and there is an increase in the speed of the machine. There are two topper machines one has a theme of baby items which include blocks, baby bottle, teddy bear and a Rattle. The second Topper machine has a movie theme and has Popcorn, Movie Marker, Film Reel and Hot Dog Toppers.
  • Cookie Oven – The cookie oven bakes 3 to 5 Cookies to give to customers in order to keep them happy in the line. The first machine makes 3 cookies and the second 4 and third 5. Each upgrade results in a faster baking time.
  • Phone – The phone is an optional purchase which allows you to take extra orders to increase your profits. If the phone rings and you do not answer it there is no penalty to your score or income. The phone can be sold back for half of its purchase price. There is no upgrade for the phone.
  • Decorating Station (Jill’s Station) – This is a station that Jill works at since she is very tired all the time. She places fruit on the top of cakes. This station can be upgraded 3 times. You start with Cherries and upgrade to lemons and then Strawberries. Each upgrade results in faster movement by Jill as well.

Display Plates/Refrigerated Display Case

You can purchase a display plate which will hold 1 cake that a customer in line will want to purchase. This is very handy if you make a mistake. Since mistakes deduct money from your profits it is helpful to sell the cake instead of throwing it away. You can upgrade this to a double plate allowing two cakes to be on display. The third upgrade will give you the built in refrigerated display case. This is very helpful as you can build up to 2 cakes and place them inside this case and if you don’t use them during your turn money will NOT be deducted from your score (as it is when you have a cake on the display plates that aren’t sold) These cakes will still be in your case during your next turn and until you sell them.

Broken Equipment

 Lights, Camera, Action!

 Lights, Camera, Action!

  • From time to time a piece of equipment will break. It will still be usable but it will take twice its normal time to perform. You can purchase repairs to items in between levels. An item will appear darkened or worn when it is malfunctioning and needs repair.
  • NOTE – The Television can also become broken and will do so at level 30. (Day 30) When this happens only 2 channels will work and the other 2 will give a test pattern when you click on the buttons. You will need to pay to repair it as soon as possible.


Sugar Rush Bonus – Earn this bonus by doing 3 things three times in a row. This will cause everything to happen instantly in the bakery. When you place a cake in the oven or ice a cake it will happen instantly. This only lasts for a few moments so make the best of it when it happens. It is important to stay calm and focused during the Sugar Rush bonus. Focus on the largest cake you need to make and when the bonus is over you will have saved a lot of time.

Cake Maker Power Up

 Lights, Camera, Action!

This is a single use power up you can purchase at any time between levels. If you purchase this an icon will light up at the bottom center of the game screen. When you are ready to use it, click on it and then click on the customer you wish to use it on and the cake will be immediately credited to that customer. TIP – Use this for large 3 tier cakes with toppers whenever possible. TIP – Make this a routine purchase in between levels and use it each time. This may buy you extra time to make an additional cake to place on the display plate.

Hints and Tips for Evans’ Bakery

  • You can right click on your mouse to switch cakes that Jack or Jill are holding.
  • You can move the equipment in the kitchen around in between levels. Set up the equipment ensuring the machines are close together so that Jack has to take the least amount of steps possible.
  • Purchase the Cake Maker Bonus for $50.00 each time between levels and be sure to use it routinely to increase your profits.(See Cake Maker Bonus below for more information)
  • One of your first upgrade purchases should be the shoes. Click on Jack’s feet and the menu will appear with the option to purchase the upgraded shoes. This will allow them to move much faster in the Bakery.
  • Purchase all of the upgrades from least to most expensive. This is one suggested priority order – Display Plate, Shoes, Cookie Oven, Television, 2ND Oven, Icing Machine, Shoes, Display plate, Ovens, Toppers, Shoes, Television.
  • If the movie star appears finish up all orders you have started before you click on her menu as after you do all customers will change their orders to match hers. You can use this to your advantage for a chaining bonus if you time things out allowing you to make all of the same items for all customers.
  • TIP – Each Customer has their own favorite TV station. Be sure to learn which stations each customers prefer to keep them happy. (See Customer descriptions or TV Channel Descriptions) Make it routine to hit the TV buttons in between clicking on other items. Watch your customers to decide which channels to choose. As you upgrade the Television the shows stay on for shorter amounts of time allowing you to change the channel more often.
  • NOTE – Firemen, Ninjas, and Dwarfs are VERY impatient. Always serve them first whenever possible and be sure to have cookies on hand and know their favorite TV station if applicable to your level.
  • Purchase a display plate as soon as you can afford it. If you make a mistake on your Cake throwing it away will result in money deducted from your score. If you place it on the plate you will find that one of your future customers will want it. Be sure to keep an eye on cakes that match the ones you have on the plate or refrigerator case.
  • TIP – Purchase the refrigerated display case (3rd upgrade of the display plates) and as soon as the level starts and before you click on any menus start baking a 3 tier cake and place it in the display case. If you have time to place a topper on the cake you will earn even more profits. If you make this a habit you will find it much easier to reach Superstar goals.
  • If you are playing in relaxed mode try for large chaining bonuses. Click on menus of all customers and serve the most impatient ones first. Use the Television and Cookies as much as possible to keep happiness levels high. After you serve a customer do not immediately collect the money. Wait until you have everyone served and then click on each bill for a large chaining bonus.
  • TIP – When placing fresh fruit click just under the hole working top to bottom.
  • Eventually Jack will start breaking the equipment and you will have to pay to have it repaired. If an item is broken it will appear darker and you will hear a crashing type sound effect. The item will still work, but only at half of its normal capacity. NOTE – If the television breaks only 2 channels will work.

Risha’s Boutique

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Risha’s Boutique will remain locked on the Town Map until you complete Day 3 at Evans’ Bakery. Once it unlocked you can toggle between Risha’s Boutique and Evans’ Bakery. Once you hit level 3 at Risha’s Boutique then Gordo’s Pizzeria will unlock and you can play any location you wish in any order.

How to serve Customers in Risha’s Boutique

 Lights, Camera, Action!

 Lights, Camera, Action!

  • In Risha’s Boutique you will see several rows of clothing on hangers and display tables and cases with hats, purses, shoes and jewelry. Each time you play there will be additional items and they will be placed in different locations.
  • Up to 4 Customers at a time can place orders in the shop. Above their head you will see either a thought bubble with 1 to 3 items in picture form, 1 to 3 items listed in text form, or you may see something such as, ” 3 x Blue” If you see this it means you can click on any 3 blue items and give it to the customer. NOTE – It’s okay if the items are all the same as long as they are the correct color.
  • Search for the items your customer wants as fast as possible and click on it. If you make a mistake you can click on the bin to release the items. (All items on cursor will be removed and the items will go back to their original locations) There is no penalty for mistakes.
  • You can click on 3 items in a row and they will stick to your cursor. You can hand all 3 items to a customer at once which will earn you a 5 dollar clearance bonus or you can hand items to customers one at a time. As you play you will learn which method works best for you.
  • Once you serve a customer they will disappear and leave money on the counter. Make sure you collect the money right away and if you can collect money several times in succession you will earn another bonus.
  • NOTE – If the Shopaholic is in your store she will steal any money that is directly to her left or right. You only have a few seconds to collect the money or it will go to her and you will not receive the profits.
  • There are a few customers that will want their items gift wrapped. Click on the box and then on each hole in the enlarged image that will appear. Once all holes are filled with ribbon the package is wrapped and you will earn a bonus.
  • In between each level you will be able to use your profits to purchase additional clothing collections to place in the Boutique.

Purchasing Collections

 Lights, Camera, Action!

  • In between each level you will be able to use your profits to purchase additional clothing collections to add to the boutique.
  • At the top left of the screen if you click on “Collections” you can purchase additional clothing and accessories to sell in the Boutique. If you click on “Equipment” you can purchase a one level use bonus that will reveal to you the location of all the items that particular customer wants.
  • NOTE – The Television and Cookie Oven are not available for Risha’s Boutique.

Bonuses in Risha’s Boutique

 Lights, Camera, Action!

 Lights, Camera, Action!

  • “Hint Helper” (One level use Bonus Purchase) – Between levels click on the “Equipment” banner at the top left of the screen. You can purchase this hint helper for $10.00.
  • How to Use – When you enter the game screen you will notice a magnifying glass icon at the bottom center of the game screen. When you find a customer with items that are difficult to find click on the magnifying glass then click on the customer. All of the items will highlight for a few seconds allowing you to find them easily.
  • NOTE – It is best to use this on customers with large orders when possible.
  • TIP – Purchase the “Hint Helper” between every level and make its use routine in your game play.
  • Speed Bonus – If you deliver 4 items in a row very quickly you will earn a speed bonus which will give you an additional 5 dollars.
  • Clearance Bonus – If you deliver all 3 items to a customer at once (Click on all 3 items and then on the customer) you will receive a Clearance Bonus!

Wrap-O-Matic/Gift Wrapping Items

 Lights, Camera, Action!

  • After you fill a customers order you may see a gold gift box in the thought bubble above their head. If so this customer want their item gift wrapped. Doing this will earn you bonus funds as well.
  • Click on the gift box and you will see an enlarged version with several holes. Click on each hole to place a ribbon there. There could be anywhere from 5 to 12 holes in the box. Once all ribbons are placed the gift is wrapped.

Hints and Tips for Risha’s Boutique

 Lights, Camera, Action!

  • You can pick up 3 items at a time and they will stick to your cursor. This is a great time saver. You can hand all 3 items to one customer or 3 items to 3 customers.
  • If you make a mistake and click on the incorrect item you can place it in the bin at the bottom of the screen with no penalty.
  • Remember that the customers will have the same behaviors exhibited as they did in the Bakery. Be aware of these behaviors and serve the impatient customers first.
  • Do as many chaining activities as you can. NOTE – Watch out for the shopaholic as she will cause you to break chains. If you can serve her first and get her out of the cue you will have better luck for large chains. Click on any money beside her immediately as there are only a few seconds before she takes your money.
  • There is no Television in this level or any device to increase happiness while waiting in line. The only way to increase happiness is to give the customer an item they are requesting. Each time you hand an item to a customer the heart levels increase which means you will earn the maximum amount of money for that sale.
  • You will have to depend on your speed to click on items correctly to beat the levels in timed mode. You may want to practice in relaxed mode first.
  • TIP – It is very difficult to click on items hanging on the racks. For example, If you are trying to click on a sweater that is in between two other garments focus on your cursor as when it touches an item that is hanging it will lift up slightly and become brighter. If you watch for this lifting up motion and click on the item you want when this happens you will have more success when dealing with difficult to reach items.
  • When you play in relaxed mode the turn ends as soon as you make the minimum amount of money needed to reach the goal. All other orders will be voided. NOTE – If the level ends click on any money you haven’t collected as fast as possible. You still have a few seconds after the level ends to collect it.
  • When playing in timed mode you have approximately 4 minutes. When time is up the store will close meaning no more customers can get in, but any customers still in the store when time is up can still be waited on and the profits will go to you.
  • Purchase the hint helper between every level and make it a habit to use it each time you play. It is only 10 dollars and is an excellent investment.
  • If the movie star is in the boutique you will need to finish any orders you have started and then click on her to give her a menu so everyone else will change their request to match hers. This is an excellent way to make large chaining bonuses. NOTE – Once you click on her all orders will change so make sure you are finished with anything you’ve already started first or you will lose valuable time.
  • TIP – Giving a customer all three items at once will give you a clearance bonus of $5.00 but to earn the most money it is important that you give them the items when they are happy and have as many hearts as possible. Since there is no Television or Cookie to give a customer, you can only increase happiness by giving them an item which they are requesting. It appears giving them one item at a time can put most customers at full happiness which is much higher than the 5 dollar clearance award you will earn if you hand all 3 items to the customer at once. It does take more time to play this way but you will earn much higher tips and reach Superstar Goals much easier.

Gordo’s Pizzeria

 Lights, Camera, Action!

  • Once you have completed day 3 at Risha’s Boutique Gordo’s Pizzeria will unlock and you can toggle between any of the 3 locations on the Town Map.
  • There are 25 levels to complete in Gordo’s Pizza.
  • You will serve several different Italian dishes to up to 4 customers at a time.
  • Some of the ingredients will need to be cooked before you can serve them.
  • You will assemble ingredients in the specified order of your customer.
  • As you level up you will add more ingredients to the restaurant.
  • All customers have the same behaviors as they did in Bakery and Boutique.
  • You will be able to purchase Cookie Oven with upgrades as well as Television with Upgrades to keep your customers happy while waiting for their food.
  • If you make a mistake you can click on something else or throw the item into the bin with no penalty to your score.
  • Bonuses are awarded for chaining actions and a meter will appear above your customer’s heads. Every time you chain actions this meter fills up. If you can fill it all the way up you will earn a huge cash bonus.
  • Completing the game in timed and relaxed mode will earn you two trophies to decorate the Baby’s nursery.

How to Play Gordo’s Pizzeria

 Lights, Camera, Action!

  • When you start the game you will have only a few ingredients consisting of pizza shells and cheese. There will be a brief tutorial which you can skip if you choose.
  • Choose timed or relaxed mode. NOTE – You may want to play relaxed mode to practice for timed mode.
  • Click on a customer to hand them a menu. NOTE – All behaviors seen in Customers in Bakery and Boutique still apply.
  • You will see a complete Italian dish first then you will see an image of all the ingredients of that dish.
  • You will need to click on each ingredient in exactly the order it is shown in the bubble above the customer.
  • Many of the ingredients (Usually the first one) will need to be cooked before it can be served. NOTE – Cook as many items ahead of time as you can as items do not burn.
  • Items that need to be grilled are Eggplant and Chicken Breast. The grill is at the bottom right of the screen. Click on the item then on the grill to place. In a few seconds you will see the word “DONE” appear and there will be grill marks on the food.
  • Pasta Items will need to be boiled. There is a pot of boiling water at the bottom left side of the screen. Click on the pasta then on the pot to place. It will cook in just a few seconds and you will see the word “Done” appear as well as the food changing to a darker color.
  • As you add an ingredient correctly it will cross off the item in the thought bubble.
  • NOTE – Items stick to the cursor so if you click on Olives for customer 1 if customer 2 needs them you can just click on customer 2’s plate.
  • You can work on one customer at a time or several at once as long as you are placing the correct ingredient in the correct order.
  • Once you have all ingredients added the dish will box up and the money will be on the plate for you to collect.
  • You will be able to purchase additional ingredients between levels as well as a few items to increase customer happiness such as Television and Cookie Oven which can be upgraded and repaired as needed.

Purchasing Ingredients/Equipment

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  • In between levels you can purchase ingredients to add to the restaurant. At first you won’t have many but after a while there will be many ingredients that look similar.
  • The ingredients are always in the same location so the sooner you can memorize how they look and where they are kept the faster you will be able to assemble the dishes.
  • You may be able to purchase 1 or 2 ingredients between levels.
  • Each ingredient has an interesting trivia fact listed about it in the book you order from.
  • If you wish to purchase the ingredient click on “Buy” and answer “Yes” when prompted.
  • If the cost is listed in red text it means you do not yet have enough money to purchase this item.

Staple Ingredients

There are a few “Staple” ingredients which are the basis or base from which the Italian dishes are made.

They must be placed first on the serving plate for each dish assembled.

Staple Items Include:

  • Pizza Shell
  • Lasagna Noodles
  • Eggplant
  • Chicken Breast
  • Ravioli
  • Spaghetti

Items that must be Cooked

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Grilled Items

  • Items that must be grilled before serving are Eggplant and Chicken Breast.
  • Click on the item and then on the grill to place it.
  • After a few seconds you will see the word “Done” appear and grill marks will be on the food.
  • You only have enough space for 4 items on the grill. TIP – As soon as the level starts place food on the grill. If you only have Eggplant place 4 slices on the grill. If you have Chicken Breast place 2 slices of Eggplant and 2 Slices of Chicken Breast on the grill.
  • NOTE – Items on the grill do not burn. It is wise to cook them ahead of time whenever possible.

Boiled Items

  • Items that must be boiled are Lasagna Noodles, Ravioli, and Spaghetti.
  • There is a pot of boiling water in the lower left hand corner of the game screen.
  • There is only 2 spots available in the pot to cook in so when you reach higher levels you will need to decide which 2 out of 3 to cook.
  • If you have to throw food out you will not be penalized for it.
  • Once you place the pasta in the pot you will see the word “Done” appear after a few seconds. The pasta will be darker in color.
  • Dishes that require cooked pasta will always require it to be the first ingredient on the serving plate.
  • Items can not burn or be overcooked in any way.

Food Locations

 Lights, Camera, Action!

The image above shows all 31 ingredients and their locations.

They are numbered in the image and listed below.

1. Oregano

2. American Cheese

3. Pizza Shells

4. Lasagna

5. Ravioli

6. Spaghetti

7. Pineapple

8. Basil

9. Fresh Tomatoes

10. Rutabaga

11. Radicchio

12. Mushrooms

13. Baby Spinach

14. Artichokes

15. Eggplant

16. Onion

17. Chopped Ham

18. Garlic

19. Italian Sausage

20. Mozzarella

21. Prosciutto

22. Anchovies

23. Tomato Sauce

24. Capers

25. Spicy Meatballs

26. Red Peppers

27. Olives

28. Chicken Breast

29. Pesto Sauce

30. Alfredo Sauce

31. Sun Dried Tomatoes

32. Bacon

33. Fried Eggs


 Lights, Camera, Action!

Pizza Magic One Time Use Upgrade

  • Click on “Equipment” when between levels and you will have the option to purchase the “Pizza Magic” Bonus. This will complete the order of one customer instantly for you and you will earn the profits. This only costs $10.00 per use and you can purchase it once between each level. You can only have one at a time.
  • When you purchase the Pizza Magic Bonus an Icon will highlight at the bottom center of the game screen. When you are ready to use it click on it and then click on the customer you would like to use it on. Instantly the customer will be served and will pay.

Hints and Tips for Gordo’s Pizza

 Lights, Camera, Action!

  • If you make a mistake and choose the wrong ingredient you can either click on the correct ingredient to replace it or throw it in the trash bin at the bottom right of screen. There is no penalty for throwing items into the Trash Bin.
  • There aren’t very many ingredients available at first. The more money you make, the more ingredients you will be able to purchase between turns.
  • There are several Staple ingredients that must be cooked before serving. Noodles must be boiled first before serving. Eggplant and Chicken Breast must be grilled before serving. (See Cooking Foods)
  • You may purchase the Television and Cookie Oven for Gordo’s Pizzeria. They are used just the same as in Evans’ Bakery and all the TV channel preferences are the same in all stores.
  • TIP – Whenever an item stays on your cursor that means it can be used again somewhere else for another customer. This can help you rack up large combos if 3 or more of the same items are placed in a row.
  • When in between levels and shopping for upgrades click on “Equipment” in the upper left corner to purchase Television or Cookie Oven or to upgrade them.
  • To get a jump on orders watch to see what the customer decides on in the first thought bubble. You won’t see the ingredients yet but you will know whether you need to boil noodles or grill meat based on these initial images. If you have a movie star in the store make sure you fill any already started orders first then click on everyone else to make the orders the same and earn a large chaining bonus. This is really great to do when you are in relaxed mode.
  • GREAT TIP – As soon as the shop opens place two slices of Eggplant and two Chicken Breasts on the Grill. If you have all the available pastas place one of each into the water to cook. If you immediately replace any item you take from the grill or boiling pot and replace it you will be able to fill orders much faster.
  • TIP – Knights do not affect other Knights but Ninjas do effect other Ninjas. If you have Knights in the restaurant you will need to serve them first and as fast as possible.


 Lights, Camera, Action!

 Lights, Camera, Action!

  • You can access the Trophies menu from the Main Menu.
  • Trophies are in the form of items for the new Baby’s Nursery.
  • Trophies are awarded for purchasing all upgradeable equipment, clothing lines, and ingredients between the three business.
  • You can mouse over any item in the Nursery to see what it is awarded for.

Rocking Horse – Awarded for purchasing all the ingredients in Gordo’s Pizzeria.

Baby Toys – Awarded for completing all levels in Gordo’s Pizzeria.

Changing Table/Chest of Drawers – Awarded for completing all level in Risha’s Boutique.

High Chair – Awarded for purchasing all items in the Bakery.

Bookcase – Awarded for completing all levels of Evans’ Bakery.

Crib – Awarded for completing the entire game.

Once all the levels of each business has been completed the Baby’s Nursery will be completed.

Hidden Surprises/Town Map

 Lights, Camera, Action!

If you click on certain locations of the town map there are little hidden surprises throughout. Click where the numbers are located and the actions listed below will occur.

1. Click on the large diamond above Risha’s Boutique and it will Sparkle.

2. Click on this building and a row of trees will appear from behind it for a few moments.

3. Click on this building and someone will throw a ball on the roof then pull out a ladder climb up and get the ball.

4. Click on this building and the blinds will open and close.

5. Click on this tree and a Yeti will swing out and make noises at you.

6. Click on this shrub and a white dog will walk across the street.

7. Click on this building and a woman will come out shake out a blanket and go back inside.

8. Click to the right of the number “8” on Gordo’s Pizzeria and a little boy will taunt you.

9. Click here and red flags will appear as well as a trumpet fanfare will begin to play.

10. Click on the grass here and 5 daisies will bloom from the ground for a few seconds.