Usually, when we make changes to the Gamezebo web site, we don’t tell you about it. The two changes we made this morning, however, are based on direct feedback from users and should improve the Gamezebo experience.

  • User Reviews: We have set the user review tab to be enabled only when we add a URL to play the game on the site. This way, users can only post reviews of games once they are officially released. In the past, users were able to post user reviews anytime, including when the game was in beta and not available for the public. The problem was that a user review may not have been based on the final version of the game. With the new system in place, we are encouraging everyone to post your own user review on a game once it’s officially released. Go to our Totem Tribe Gold preview posted today to see how the user review tab is not enabled. Once we add a URL to play a game, such as on our Agatha Christie 4:50 from Paddington review we posted today, anyone can post a user review. This should improve user review quality and encourage more Gamezeboians to post user reviews the moment it is released. Posting user reviews helps other games in that you are sharing your valuable opinions and helps our editorial staff ensure that our reviews are in line with our community.
  • Faster game walkthroughs: An issue with of our walkthroughs has been that we post so many images of game solutions (up to 100 per page), it could slow the page load speed as you wait for every single image to upload from our server. No more! We have moved all our walkthrough images “to the cloud” which means it should cost us less to host the files (good for us) and make it much faster for you to load the page and find the solutions you want as quickly as possible. Check out our new Agatha Christie 4:50 from Paddington walkthrough to see how fast the page loads and then click on an image to see how fast that loads.

Other changes we have made are an upgrade to the anti-spam software (so hopefully, no more errors that have been nagging you and improved report as inappropriate functionality on the back-end.

More changes are in the words (as always). We hope you like today’s changes and hopefully they all work as I described. As always, keep giving us your feedback and we’ll work on getting it done. Rome was not built in a day…but we try.