Aerograph is re-releasing the first three Casebook adventure games as a special edition trilogy with enhanced features. The Casebook Trilogy is now available for preorder at an introductory price of $15.95. For that price, players get Casebook Episode I, Episode II – The Watcher, and Episode III – Snake in the Grass.

Players who preorder will receive a digital download link for Casebook Episode 1 right away,
then on June 24 they will be sent the download links for Episodes 2 and 3. Players will save $4 by preordering The Trilogy, which is regularly $19.95.

According to the official Casebook website, the special edition episodes feature the following enhancements:

  • A new ranking system where you work your way up from Lab Technician to Forensic Expert, and earn a better rank by using fewer hints.
  • Ranking Reports that tell you how much evidence you found and how much you missed.
  • Changes to the evidence folder to make it more like a traditional drag-and-drop inventory. The original evidence folder suggested which evidence linked together automatically; now it will be up to the player to make the connections.
  • New DNA and chemical mini-games
  • Mini-games can now be skipped for players who want to watch the story unfold quicker; however their ranking will be reduced.

Head over to the official Casebook site to watch a trailer of the trilogy and preorder it.