With casual games on Facebook being released every day around the world, we can’t report on them all, but we sure do try.

Today, we’ve spotted new Facebook games from iWin, Ubisfoft, and Backstage:

  • Party Resort is a vacation cabana themed Facebook game by iWin where you create and run your own fantasy resort. We know iWin for such casual game download hits such as Jewel Quest, Jojo’s Fashion Show, and the recent Rachel’s Retreat. But iWin also created Family Feud on Facebook, one of the most popular games on Facebook today. Having proven themselves already to be a rock star casual game company for both downloads and Facebook, we’re very interested to see how this game develops.
  • The Settlers – My City is the latest game by Ubisoft, a leading video game publisher that is expanding in a big way onto Facebook. In this city-building simulation game of yore, you create your own kingdom of cities and inhabitants.
  • Vinyl City is a new game by Backstage (who also worked with iWin on Family Feud) where you sample music clips and build a collection of your favorite record albums. What’s interesting about this game is that the theme is quite old school (which I like) and you collect samples from the Amazon music store. In a world of farms and cows and sheep and let’s throw a cowboy in there, it’s refreshing to see innovation on Facebook.

All these games are brand new and in beta and we’ll be covering them very soon. In the meantime, you can set an alert to follow the games on our product pages and be first to check them out for yourself.