Each week hundreds of new games hit the App Store, vying for your dollars. Join us every Friday as we sort through the pile and let you know which games should be on your radar. This week’s releases include a hard-rockin’ rhythm game, some Tron-style cycling, a Pac-Man match-3 game and more!

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  • Banzai Rabbit – Frogger-style gameplay gets a 21st century makeover in this highly polished re-imagining of the genre.
  • Blackout City – Fans of the cult NES classic City Connection might be lured by the game’s appearance, but the gameplay leaves little room for nostalgic enjoyment. (Review)
  • Guitar Hero – Activision’s music giant finally arrives on the iPhone, and it was well worth the wait. New additions and a rockin’ soundtrack make Guitar Hero the best $2.99 you can spend this week. (Review)
  • LightBike2 – A sequel to the popular LightBike, this Tron-inspired racer gets a big jump in the graphics department.
  • Miner Disturbance – Dig deep in this fun little game about a miner in search of treasure.
  • Pac-Match Party – Pac-Man turns 30 this year, and what better way to celebrate a birthday than with some party games? This new match-3 game features everyone’s favourite yellow gaming mascot in some unique and frenzied gameplay. (Review)
  • Qwak – The Amiga classic about a duck and some fruit returns to the scene to rock the iPhone with it’s charming platforming ways. (Review)

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