Regain your title in Governor of Poker 2

You gotta fight… for your right… to pooooooker! Youda Games’ poker sim Governor of Poker is finally getting a sequel, and this time the very game of poker itself is at stake in Governor of Poker 2. After the Texas gambling committee outlaws poker, you’ll have to fight to convince them that the game is worth bringing back.

Texas’s new government has declared the game illegal and put a ban on all poker games. You’re even stripped of your title as Governor of Poker that you earned in the first game. It’s your job – while playing dozens of tournaments against more than 100 different opponents – to show the gambling committee that there’s more to poker than just luck – it takes skill too! Along the way you’ll go up against nine of the most notorious poker masters to reclaim your title.

Governor of Poker 2

Governor of Poker 2 will feature more than a dozen new cities and poker locations to visit, and new tournament types such as a bounty hunter game where you win cash prizes for eliminating an opponent. In keeping with the game’s Wild West theme, you’ll be able to travel to different cities by train, riverboat or stage coach and even play poker games while en route. You’ll also be able to organize your own tournaments, and take out loans at the bank.

One of the fun features of the first game was the fact that you could try to tell whether an opponent was bluffing or not based on little animated actions that they would do, like drumming their fingers nervously on the table. In Governor of Poker 2 there will be an even greater range of expressions on the players, including nervousness, “steamy” and even “on fire.” Ouch!

Governor of Poker 2

Other goodies will include wallpapers and downloadable theme music, and of course plenty of new achievements and awards to unlock. Even people who have never played a hand of poker in their lives won’t be left out, because Governor of Poker 2 will feature a poker tutorial to ease players into the game.

Governor of Poker 2 is launching very soon, so be sure to set an alert if you’d like to follow this game and be notified when it comes out.

Along the way you’ll go head to head against nine particularly notorious poker players to reclaim your title.