Google’s announcement that they will launch a Chrome Web Store may present an opportunity for social game companies looking to expand and become less dependent on Facebook, according to an article in the Social Times.

According to Google’s Chrome Web Store page:

“The Chrome Web Store opens later this year. Users will be able to discover a broad range of amazing web apps while developers will be able to reach millions of new users.”

According to the Social Times, Chrome as a browser is highly optimized for online gaming and Google aims to make it as easy as 1-2-3 for game developers to create a game, wrap the game, and publish and sell through the store. For end users, the goal is to make the Web Store as easy to use as Apple’s iTunes.

Google seems to be all over the place in casual gaming, with Android, Chrome Web Store, and it’s variety of social initiatives. Yet, by being so open and creating a multitude of touch points, Google is not begging the ranch on one idea but on a variety of touch points and devices. If just one works, Google could be a leading casual games destination by the end of the year.