Every four years the best of the best in the world of soccer take to the field and compete in a month long tournament to show once and for all which nation truly reigns supreme. It’s the world’s most popular sport, and along with it comes the world’s most popular sports video games. With the World Cup kicking off later today, we take a look at 32 games of footie that have been scrunched down to fit on your favourite mobile device.

Why 32? Because there are 32 nations competing in the World Cup! In the first round these teams are divided into 8 groups of 4, so that’s exactly what we’ve done here. There’s a group for puzzle games, a group for management games, a group for kids games – you name it, we’ve got a group for it. Like the real World Cup, there’s a little something for everyone here – though it’s up to you to decide which game is worthy of bringing home the trophy!


Group A – Soccer Games

While technically everything on our list can be classified as “soccer games,” Group A features games that attempt to recreate that true to life on-field experience. Passing, shooting, scoring – these games are the closest you’re going to to recreating the nail-biting action of soccer on your mobile device.

FIFA World Cup – $4.99
X2 Soccer 2010 – $6.99
Soccer Superstars – $4.99
Real Soccer 2010 – $4.99


Group B – Puzzle Games

Taking a popular theme and slapping it onto a different genre is a common affair in the world of game, and in a World Cup year, soccer is clearly no exception. Group B’s games offer up some traditional puzzle gameplay with a fresh coat of footie overtop. The one notable exception here is Paper Soccer, a game that attempts to recreate a classic turn-based pencil and paper experience.

Soccer Sudoku 2010 – $0.99
Paper Soccer – $0.99
Word Search Soccer – $0.99
Football Match Puzzle 2010 – $0.99


Group C- Managment Games

Sure the on-field antics of Group A are great if you’re looking for a white knuckle experience, but what if you’re looking for something a little deeper? Management simulations have long been a staple of soccer video games, and you’d better believe they were going to make the cut here.

Championship Manager 2010 Express – $2.99
Football Manager Handheld 2010 – $9.99
Soccer Manager – $4.99
Manage Your Football Club International – $1.99


Group D – Skill Games

Like most sports, soccer relies heavily on good reflexes. Group D celebrates the skill of the sport with an assortment of titles that will keep both your mind and your finger moving. From Wii Sports clones to freestyle trickery, Group D has you covered.

Chuck the Ball – $1.99
iHeader: England – $0.99
Touch Football – FREE
iSoccer Backstreet – $1.99


Group E – Penalty Kicks

Playing a full game of soccer is good, but sometimes you just want the satisfaction of slipping one past the goal. The games of Group E pit you against the goalie in a free kick competition that should easily help scratch that scoring itch.

Penalty Soccer – $2.99
Goaaal! – $0.99
Free Kick Pro: World Cup 2010 – $0.99
Flick Football – $0.99


Group F – Foosball Games

It’d be hard to pay homage to the best in soccer games without paying tribute to the original tabletop footie experience. Found in pubs and playrooms for nearly 100 years, table football has successfully made the transition to the digital world. Remember kiddies – Group F is for Foosball.

Foosball World Tour – $0.99
Foosball 3D – $0.99
FingerFoos – FREE
iSoccerFor2 – FREE


Group G – Quiz Games

But what if you’re not looking for a game to test your skill or provide you with a quick distraction during halftime? Group G will let quiz your mates on how well they know the history of the game. If you’re watching the World Cup in a crowded pub, a little trivia can be a great way to decide who’s buying the next round.

iKnowSoccer – $0.99
Soccer Quiz – FREE
QuizQuizQuiz World Football – $0.99
QuizTime: Football 2010 South Africa – $0.99


Group H – Kids Games

Maybe you’re not even looking for a game for yourself. Maybe you just want to get your wee ones excited about checking out your favourite pastime all month along. What better way than with some kid-friendly iPhone fare?

Animal Soccer World: Jungle Cup – $0.99
SoccerSlime – $0.99
Monkey Kick – FREE
Header Master – $0.99

The Finals

Were there any games that you think should have made the cut that didn’t? Which games do you love? Which games do you hate? Show your love of iPhone soccer in the comments below. We want to know what game you think is worth of bringing home the World Cup!