Digital Chocolate announced a multi-million dollar line of credit from Bridge Capital Holding. Though not specific what they will do with the money, bloggers everywhere suggest they will focus on development and marketing on social and mobile games.

Digital Chocolate has raised $43.8 million since launching in 2003. That begs the question (which no one seems to be asking in the blogosphere), if you raise $43.8 million and you are doing so well on Facebook and the iPhone platform, why do you need to raise the multi-million line of credit?

On the other hand, it can not be denied that Digital Chocolate’s NanoVerse games and new Facebook game Millionaire City are growing well and these additional funds can be used wisely to grow the social and mobile games businesses. As long as Digital Chocolate stays focus on social and mobile (specifically, Facebook and iPhone), they could emerge as a dark horse major player in the space as these markets converge.