Superstar City – Game Introduction

Superstar City is a new Facebook game application developed by Hangout Industry. If you want to get fame, be famous and unleash your fashion style, then this is the right game for you! This guide will help you out in playing Superstar City.

Choosing Your Model

You will be given selection of models you can choose from. There are five models in the row, just click the model that you want and just remember that you cannot change your model after clicking “Save The Look” button, so be sure on the model that you want.

Downloading the Software

Before you start playing, Unity3D needs to be downloaded in order for you to run the game. Downloading only takes less than 2 minutes depending on how fast your internet connection is. Click the “Get Started” button in the welcome page to start downloading. Run and install the software after the download and the game will reload after.

Superstar City

Fashion City

Playing Fashion City will give you fame and coins! In this game, you need to hire one Hairstylist, one Make-up Artist and three models. You can hire your friends even if they are not your buddies. Each raid needs Fame Energy. The higher your level, the more Fame Energy you need to have. Fame Energy regenerate every 2 minutes and more.

The first stage of this game is choosing the friend you want to raid the closet. The purpose of raiding is for your fashion show that you can view after you play the game. As you pass waves your Fame Points levels up.

The second stage is by choosing one Hairstylist and one of your friend to become your model.

The third stage is choosing one Hairstylist, one Make-up artist and two models.

The fourth stage is choosing one Hairstylist, one Make-up artist and three models. As you succeed each stage you will have a pretty hard job the next level.

Superstar City

Drag and drop the items located at the button left side of the game screen at the models who needs it. You will see bubbles of item each model needs in their head. Give the right item to them and you will earn Fame Points. If you’re not fast, your model will walk away leaving you with no points and coins.

Dance Beat

Grab your friends and dance to the beat! This game let your character dance alone or even with other players in the room. To play this game, just click the no.’s appearing in your screen when the shrinking circle fit in it. You will be given scores when you click the circle at the right time and will have more scores when you do “Party Dance”. Invite your friends or other players to dance so you can have Party bonus. In this, you can have fame, coins, cash and unlock new items and moves as well.

Superstar City

Daily Fortune

Playing “Daily Fortune” can give you coins. Just choose in the three boxes and whatever the price is in your chosen box it will be yours. Make sure you hit the box with highest free coins. You can check your fortune daily for more coins.

Superstar City


There are many clothes, shoes and accessories you can gift to your friends for free! You can send gifts to your friends in Facebook as a form of invitation. The good thing about these free gifts is that they are all beautiful, fabulous and inviting.

Superstar City


Have yourself a new taste of fashion by buying in the “Shop”. Items in the Shop are available using cash and coins. Great items are available every time you level up. You can find selections of clothes, hair, lips, eyes, emoticons, space, songs, skin and accessories in the shop. Not all of the items are available at one time. You need to level up first so you can unlock new items. Trying items in your character is always free!

Superstar Events

Earn fame and coins by hosting or attending a Superstar Event. All you have to do is to plan an event and show up after the given time. Or you can also attend an event by clicking the invitation you can see in the wall of your friends. Invite your friends so you can earn more coins and fame! You can see all your planned events in the” Entourage Events “tab.

Superstar City

Things You Need to Know

  • Fame Points. This is also known as the experience point. You can earn this by playing the Fashion City, Dance Beat or by just shopping.
  • Fame Energy. This is what you need so you can play Fashion City. Each level needs Fame Energy. This usually regenerates after 2 minutes or more.
  • Coins. This is use to buy in the shop. You can earn this by playing the Fashion City, Dance Beat, when you level up and by hitting your daily fortune.
  • Cash. This is also use to buy in the shop. You can earn this by playing the Fashion City, Dance Beat and when you level up.
  • Space. This is basically what we call room. You can buy your own space and you can also switch to different spaces. You can do this by clicking the “Space” button in the right side of the game screen. Each room can only have 17 players.
  • Chat. Chat with your friends or other players in the chat box located at the left corner side of the game screen. You can chat when you’re at the same space.