In the recent sea of survival games, the one ship that’s been worth bringing to shore time and time again has been Ninjatown: Trees of Doom. Released little more than a month ago, a number of improvements and enhancements have just arrived on the App Store. The game garnered high praise in our review earning 4 stars, and thanks to version 1.1 things have just got even better.

In addition to some bug fixes (a common occurrence with any update), the latest version of Trees of Doom introduces new tree segments, new items, and a new playable character. If you see a bright orange outfit floating in the air, grab it and you’ll unlock Wee Ninja’s first playable friend, Anti-Ninja. If you cross the 1000 meter mark, you’ll earn the 1000 meter bomb – a new item that you can use at the start of the game to soar right back to the 1000 meter mark.

The other major tweak to the gameplay comes in the form of new, easier tree segments. While the game still remains challenging, some easier stretches early on will allow players who found themselves falling too soon the opportunity to see what’s higher up in the tree.

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All of the new in-game additions are nice, but nothing will be as welcome to veteran players as the new emergency save system. Picture this: you’re crawling towards that 5,000 meter mark for the first time and your grandmother accidentally pocket dials you. Before version 1.1 you’d just have to suck it up and start over. Now? Exit the game in mid-session for whatever reason and you’ll be able to resume where you left off.

Packing this much content into a popular title only a month after launch is a welcome treat to be sure, and Venan Entertainment wants us to know that there’s even more on the way;

“With Trees of Doom!, our plan has always been to add as much new content as we can, as often as we can,” said Brandon Curiel, CEO of Venan Entertainment. “We think this first update will give players a taste of what’s to come. Our plan isn’t only to add new characters and gameplay features, but to eventually add new environments and gameplay modes as well.”

If you haven’t picked up Ninjatown: Trees of Doom yet, there’s no better time – the game is currently on sale for just 99 cents.