At Gamezebo, we get excited every time we find a new game to play on Facebook. But today, Zynga has released FrontierVille, with a press release, no less (usually we have to play detective to find new games that are released).

We’re working on our First Look preview and Quick Start Guide as we speak (so set a FrontierVille alert!) but in the meantime, I want to share with you coverage on the game already.

Based on initial coverage, FrontiersVille is Facebook meets the Wild West, combines the best of FarmVille with a dash of Mafia Wars and a bit of everything else Zynga does oh so well, is good but not good enough to be the next FarmVille phenomenon:

We’ll get our preview and guides up…the moment the game is back online…the wild west of launching games on Facebook was not conquered in one day.