Quiz game tests Facebook music buffs

For the music nerds on Facebook there’s Crazy Cow Music Quiz, a new trivia game where you can test your knowledge of popular music by listening to song snippets and identifying the song title or artist.

Crazy Cow Music Quiz is a little like SceneIt? is to movie buffs, but in a much more simplified form. Each quiz consists of 10 multiple choice questions where you have to identify a song that plays in the background. The more time you take to answer, the fewer points you receive.

Crazy Cow Music Quiz

At the end of each quiz, your score is tallied up and you’re awarded a certain number of experience points and “Cow Cash” based on how well you did. You’ll also see a list showing you all of the songs you just heard with a link to iTunes so you can purchase the track. If there were songs in the round that you hadn’t heard before in the game, you’ll get to pick one to add to your song collection.

There are really two things going on in Crazy Cow Music Quiz; one is the competitive aspect of the quizzes, and the other is music sharing. The quizzes have a lightning fast, somewhat frantic vibe to them that makes them quite entertaining, and the ability to challenge friends to the same quiz to see who can score the highest has some appeal as well.

The music sharing part of the game is less well developed. We’re not sure exactly how many songs are in the game’s library, but several songs repeated themselves within about 8-10 quizzes. Also, the song collection falls flat because while, yes, you can collect your favorite songs as you hear them, you can only play back small excerpts of about 10 seconds before it cuts out. The tunes conflict with the game’s own background music as well, unless you manually toggle it off and back on, which is cumbersome.

Crazy Cow Music Quiz

With plenty of trophies and achievements to collect, and the ability to challenge friends, Crazy Cow Music Quiz has the potential to become a very “sticky” game that could keep people coming back. But it has a bit of work to do. (I’m still not sure what the coins are for – if there’s a shop it’s too well-hidden.) Of course, the game has only just launched, so expect to see changes in the upcoming weeks and months, including the ability to send songs to friends.