Baby Town – First Impressions

In the world of Facebook games, we’ve seen several within the pet simulation genre, where you adopt animals and see how they evolve. Product Madness’ latest offering, Baby Town, is similar in concept. But they’ve moved up the evolution pathway to pink-cheeked, giggly babies. And who doesn’t love babies?

Setting the tone with the colors pink, light blue, and yellow that evoke a nursery along with playful and soothing music, players are tasked to take care of cute little babies in a nursery.

Here is how it works: You adopt the babies one at a time. The variety of babies to choose from is limited in the beginning but as you progress through the game, your options increase. Choosing the baby’s skin and eye color, gender and name can be done when you’re ready to bring in another infant. What’s particularly interesting? You can choose from a crawling baby to a walking one, a kissing one or even a pouting baby. These attributes will dictate their actions as they evolve.

Baby Town

Other than their character traits, each baby has its own value in terms of tuition income. Since it takes 15 days for one baby to graduate, the question is whether you get the full income (which is not very much in Baby Town coins) at the time of graduation or if it is given out daily. But the piggy bank does give you a strong hint that you’ll get it daily.

Along the way, your responsibilities include feeding, bathing, dressing the babies, and to give love and attention by touching them. Most can be done by clicking but a drag and drop feature is needed to put their clothes on.

Shopping features include buying your babies new clothes, accessories, head gear and furniture. All of them, except for the feeding bottle, are decorative.

Baby Town

What makes this game so adorable is watching the babies crawl, sleep, walk and even stumble as they try to maneuver on their own. Their facial expressions will definitely stir up your emotions. Try watching them struggle to stand up. You might find yourself trying to catch the baby as he falls, only to realize you’re grabbing the screen instead.

The social aspect of the game is not far from the usual. Visiting neighbor’s nurseries will let you earn coins when you give each baby love and attention. Gifting is not yet available but it is definitely in the pipeline.

It wouldn’t be called Baby Town if there was no potty training involved. A mini game has been added while you wait for babies to grow up. Try dealing with six babies at a time and ensure that the potties don’t overflow. It’s a continuous game and the levels and points just stack up as you progress until it is game over. Points earned do not count as game points or Baby Town coins. At this point, the mini-game is a fun diversion, but it’s a bit pointless.

Baby Town

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