Home to such legendary artists as Madonna, Van Halen, and Johnny Cash, Warner Music Group has just announced a partnership with Tap Tap Revenge publisher Tapulous to bring a selection of their music catalogue to the Tapulous family of games.

“At WMG we were early believers in the enormous opportunities to experience music on the mobile platform and in pursuing those opportunities we try to look for new ways to grow that business and provide consumers with innovative ways to discover and consume music on their mobile devices,” said Mark Pinkus, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Licensing, Rhino Entertainment, WMG’s catalog division. “With Tapulous’ exciting family of games, we’re adding yet another compelling content experience and offering our artists a unique and powerful platform for engaging with fans around the world.”

In addition to offering tracks by WMG artists as in-app purchases for Tap Tap Revenge and Riddim Ribbon, this partnership will result in the creation of four new premium games that will showcase a particular artist, not unlike the recently released Nirvana Revenge. No word yet on which artists will be featured, but with an amazing body of classic artists ranging from The Grateful Dead to Guns’n’Roses, and an outstanding collection of modern stars like The Jonas Brothers, Jay-Z and Panic at the Disco, there’s little doubt that these new premium offerings will be every bit as successful as Tapulous’ previous offerings.

“Warner Music Group has incredible current and catalog artists, and we are thrilled to bring these stars to the Tapulous mobile gaming platform,” said Tim O’Brien, VP of business development at Tapulous. “Our games are fun, social and addictive. This creates a strong opportunity for artists and labels, as the experience deepens fans’ appreciation of legendary tracks and allows them to discover new hits.”

In addition to an artist’s greatest hists, these new premium releases will include remixes, unreleased tracks, and live recordings. No firm date has been established for any of these new titles, but we’ve been told we can expect them “over the next year.”