Finnish police are searching for thieves who stole 1,000 Euros (about $1,200 U.S.) worth of virtual furniture and other items from the virtual world Habbo Hotel. The thieves allegedly used phishing scams to the capture usernames and passwords from Habbo Hotel users, who contacted Finnish police after they noticed that their virtual goods missing.

Habbo Hotel is apparently a popular target for thieves from all over the world, security expert Mikko Hypponen told the BBC.

“We’ve seen Dutch hackers, Italians, Russians and others, and have investigated some of these cases previously with the company that runs Habbo.”

Hypponen added, however, that Habbo is just one of many online games and virtual worlds being targeted. “We see malicious attacks and trojans stealing accounts for all the games you can imagine, including World of Warcraft, Farmville and so on.”