The stereotypical hardcore gamer is a teenage male; the stereotypical casual gamer is a middle-aged female. But who’s the stereotypical Facebook gamer? According to a report from Inside Facebook, it’s… pretty much everyone. The report tracked 18 of the top apps on Facebook and found that age and gender varied widely depending on what game was being played.

When the demographics for the 18 games were averaged out, the report found that 60.8% of players were female, and 38.2% were male. But this was by no means consistent from game to game.

Almost 74% of people who played Zynga’s Texas HoldEm, for example, were male. At the other end of the spectrum, almost 92% of Sorority Life players were female.

When it came to age breakdown, the numbers were also quite evenly distributed. The 18-25 category had the most users with almost 35%, followed by 26-35 (23%), 13-17 (19%), and 36-45 (13%). The 46-55 category trailed significantly with 6%, followed by the 56-64 age group with just 2%.

The report concluded:

From these numbers, we can see that today’s app users on Facebook are as diverse as the site’s overall userbase. These numbers will become even more interesting as we begin to track growth and change over time.

For further insights and information about the report, read the full article on Inside Facebook.