Vampire mobster mash-up pokes fun at some of Facebook’s most popular genres

We all know that many Facebook games have a tendency to… ahem… “borrow liberally” from each other in terms of appearance and theme. Vampire Mob City is no exception, but it does so with tongue fully planted in cheek.

As the name suggests, Vampire Mob Wars takes three of the most popular Facebook game themes and gloms them together. What you get is a spooky version of Social City that’s being run by 1920’s era mobsters who also happen to be vampires.

Vampire Mob City

The game is a city building sim at heart. You’ll purchase buildings, build roads, produce goods at your factories in order to earn money, increase the town’s population (by recruiting vampires into the Vampire Mob Syndicate, by the way), and making sure they have enough food (blood, natch), which allows you to expand the town to build even more structures, and so on.

The buildings that you’ll get to construct are a funny blend of vampire- and mob-related structures. On the one hand you get mausoleums, creepy houses, Gothic churches and graveyards (even the bus stop has a spooky description: “You never know what lurks just outside the safety of the streetlight”), while on the other there’s gun stores and corrupt cop shops.

Vampire Mob City

The way you’ll earn your cash at your city’s “factories” (another nod to Social City and its ilk), is by taking out mob contracts like Blood Whiskey, Bribe A Cop, and the oh-so-nefarious Candy From a Baby.

We didn’t get a chance to test out the game’s social features for the purposes of this preview, but apparently you can invite friends to the game only to earn extra coins by raiding their cities.

Vampire Mob City

This mash-up of mobster and vampire is so crazy that it actually works rather well. The developers (DJArts Games of Egg Breaker fame) are clearly enjoying themselves, and it comes through in the little details, like the animations on the buildings that are actually quite intricate if you zoom in on them. Our favorite is the factory, where you can watch two mobsters unloading bags of money from their car into the garage.

Vampire Mob City is a game that is meant to poke fun at some of the most popular Facebook genres, and it definitely succeeds. We encourage you to check it out. (Just keep your hands off our coins!)