Pix’n Love Preview: Know your roots.

Old school gamers who cut their teeth back in the 80’s will soon have yet another reason to get excited about iPhone gaming. Pix’n Love Rush is an upcoming platformer from Bulkypix and Pastagames that pays homage to the systems we knew and loved in our youth.

The tagline “Move, Jump, and Shoot,” couldn’t be a more accurate fit for the gameplay offered by Pix’n Love Rush. These three controls are all you’ll need to master as you attempt to collect coins across 125 levels.

Pix'n Love Rush

Pix'n Love Rush

The visuals changes as you play the game, taking you through 7 different graphical styles. And while some of them feel unique and original, others are a loving tribute to portable systems of days gone by. One style takes on the strong red lines of Nintendo’s ill-fated Virtual Boy. Another offers up the green tint and monochrome visuals of the original Game Boy, complete with Mario-inspired backgrounds.

Veterans of the Xbox Live Indie Game Pixel may notice a similarity in the design of the character. That’s because Pix’n Love Rush is being handled by the same developers, Pastagames. If Rush offers anywhere near the same level of polish and platforming charm that Pixel did, iPhone gamers should be in for a real treat and an outstanding trip down memory lane.

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