Burger Bustle adds a scoreboard to the time management mix

Sulus Games (the developers behind Strange Cases: The Tarot Card Mystery) have a new time management game in the works called Burger Bustle. You’ll be running a diner, naturally, but the goal here isn’t to return a struggling restaurant to its former glory or anything like that: it’s just to rack up as high of a score as possible to beat out your rivals, earning trophies along the way.

The restaurant you’ll be managing is pretty typical, complete with stations for cooking burgers, putting on garnishes like cheese, and packaging them up to serve to customers who arrive at the counter. There are also stations for making soft drinks, desserts and coffees.

Burger Bustle

You’ll pass the level as long as you complete all of the level goals, which might include hiring a certain number of employees, serving a certain number of hamburgers or drinks, and so on. If you can do this within a certain time limit, you’ll earn a gold trophy. Otherwise, you can take as long as you want but you’ll only earn a silver trophy.

With each level you complete you’ll earn points that will boost you up a scoreboard of 20 fictional competitors. Each time you pass one of your competitors on the list, you’ll earn an achievement. These aren’t just decorational (although you can view them on a display shelf in the Bonus Room), but bestow bonuses too, like the Grammaphone that freezes customers’ moods for a short time.

Burger Bustle

Burger Bustle‘s other twist is that there has to be a worker at a station in order for things to happen there: in other words, it’s not enough to click on an oven to make a burger; if there’s no one there to cook it then it won’t get cooked. You can hire as many workers per level as you can afford, and there’s some strategy involved in moving the workers around to get maximum efficiency in the restaurant.

The main mode boasts 60 levels and eight different locations, including Wild West, Aqua Park, Hollywood, and even a Space Station.

Burger Bustle will be launching very soon, so be sure to set an alert if you’d like to be notified the instant the game comes out.