Pac-Man’s having a birthday party, and you’re invited!

2010 marks the 30th birthday of Namco’s beloved mascot Pac-Man, but what’s a birthday without a party? Pac-Match Party is a new match-3 puzzle game that’s coming to the iPhone, and everyone’s invited!

Traditional match-3 gameplay will make up the core of Pac-Match Party, with players matching like-colored ghosts and other items while trying to eliminate certain squares from the board. These squares will exist behind the matchable items, and will disappear once a match has been made over them. Players will need to remove all of the squares in a level before the timer runs out to advance to the next level.

The game will offer 30 stages in all, as well as a veritable cornucopia of Pac-nostalgia and charm. Little touches like the timer appearing not as numbers but as Pac-Man eating his way around the playing field, or fruits appearing in the matching playing field alongside the ghosts, should warm the hearts of any Pac-Man fan.

Pac-Match Party Pac-Match Party

The game will be launching shortly for the iPhone and iPod Touch for $1.99, with an iPad version to follow. Can’t wait to start Pac-Matching? Namco has launched a flash version of the game for free on their website. Want to know when Pac-Match Party is available on the iPhone? Be sure to set a Gamezebo game alert to be notified the moment it becomes available!