25 seems to be the magic number for OpenFeint lately. The team at Aurora Feint have just announced that OpenFeint has climbed passed the 25 million users mark, an announcement they’ve made right alongside the launch of version 2.5 of their platform in private beta. And while this latest version doesn’t offer 25 new features, it does offer a number of enhancements that should satisfy players and developers alike.

“OpenFeint 2.5 is all about creating a more exciting and even more easy-to-use social gaming experience,” says Jason Citron, CEO of Aurora Feint.”It was easy to add leaderboards and achievements before, and now we’ve made it just as easy to use our online data in more interesting ways. For example, now you can bring leaderboard scores directly in your game the same way as Doodle Jump with just one simple function call.”

Highlights of the new version include;

  • Turn-based multiplayer with push notifactions
  • Re-written API’s that allow developers to integrate OpenFeint into their games in only 20 minutes
  • Game Center compatibility

A number of games in the App Store are using OpenFeint 2.5’s turn-based multiplayer today, including Tic Tac Toe, Mecho Wars, and Checker Kingdoms.

“We’ve been using OpenFeint in our games for a long time and we are extremely excited about the 2.5 version,” said Paul Jackman of Origin8 Technologies. “The new API is a big improvement and will make it easier for devs to achieve seamless integration and easier for new Openfeint devs to learn. The multiplayer support is also a huge bonus as now even smaller devs will be able to add this extra feature with minimum hassle.”

When Apple first announced their upcoming Game Center social gaming network, the OpenFeint team was quick to let the public know that the two services would be able to work hand in hand. And while the announcement of the 2.5 private beta doesn’t really offer up any more details regarding this, it at least demonstrates that Aurora Feint is preparing well in advance of the coming storm.