Grow a magical garden in Mini Farm Planet

I’m not sure where the “mini” or the “planet” part of Mini Farm Planet‘s name comes from, but this Facebook game is definitely about farming. Farming magic seeds, to be exact.

Mini Farm Planet

The game puts a mild fantasy twist on farming, but otherwise you know the drill: you’ll tend to a tract of land by plowing, planting seeds, and waiting for them to grow. Plants take hours of real time and will wilt if not watered regularly, a tactic designed to encourage players to check back often. If you get impatient waiting for a plant to grow you can sprinkle some fertilizer on it to speed up the growth rate and increase the chance that it’ll morph into a rare magical plant.

Your farm will attract visitors like Curly Bob the sheep, Little Foxy, and Pink Pixie. These visitors will give you a helping hand – Curly Bob helps keep your garden clear of weeds by eating them, for example – but only if you keep them well fed.

From the shop you can purchase an impressive number of different plants, berries, fruits, vegetables and flower seeds to plant, as well as decorations and goodies for the farm. You can even buy different landscapes and terrain features to completely alter the appearance of the land, which is somewhat novel.

Mini Farm Planet has some balancing issues at the moment in that there’s a lot of waiting around in between opportunities to “do stuff.” Unless, of course, you want to shell out some real world cash to purchase the game’s premium currency, Crystals, which allow you to purchase fertilizer and other premium items.

Mini Farm Planet

The game does have a longer-term goal to aim for, which is to fill three vials with magic seeds. Doing so will unlock a new area, which according to the developer will be a desert. Currently there are 14 levels, and the developers are also promising to add new worlds once per month; the desert will be followed by an ice-covered land with volcanoes and frozen trees and eight new levels.