It seems that every other day, there is a new farm game (or two) that we find for you to grow crops on, and increasingly, raise animals. Today is no exception.

  • FurryFarm is a new game from social game veterans WonderHill where you raise animals and decorate your farm.
  • Mini Farm Planet is a new game from a leading European social game developer innoWate where you and you and your animal friends battle weeds and bugs to survive the seasons.

Feed the Rocker does not involve a farm and therefore it’s different. Feed the Rocker is a physics-based puzzle game where you help a rock musician move up in their career and feed them with food pieces (OK, so there is a food element hereā€¦)

We’re preview and review these games so like this article and set your alerts. In the meantime, you can be among the first to beta test and play.