MonstrosCity – Game Introduction

The Monsters

There are 16 cute monsters you can adopt, take care and choose from. But only three monsters are available for you at first and these are the Buggy Bear, Agua Beast and Pomarorian. You can only have two monsters in your place. You can unlock new monsters when you reached the required level. Monsters are also available in coins and in FB coins.


Once hatched, you can add name to your chosen monster. You can always change the name of your monster by clicking them and their name at the bottom part.

The Place

The background view of this game is the Eiffel Tower and it has limited space. You can only have two monsters and can only put 15 decorations inside. You can expand your place when your monster already reached the height of the Eiffel Tower and when you already have enough coins to purchase. Next to the Eiffel Tower is the Town Square that cost $10,000 and the last one is the Downtown that cost $50,000.


5 Things You Can Do To Your Monster

The Store

The store includes the following:


Monsters. This is where you can purchase cute monsters. There are 16 monsters you can choose from and some of them are available to purchase using FB coins. You can unlock new monsters upon leveling up.

Décor. This is where you can purchase decors you can put in your place. Décor adds up happiness to your pet. The more décor you have, the more happiness points and coins you’ll get once you unleash your pet. Remember that you should repair your décor for it will disappear if not. To do this, just click your décor then click repair. Don’t worry because it’s for free!

Robot. Robots are only available when you reached Level 5. They take care of your pets while you’re away so it’s good thing to buy one.

Expand. When your pet reached the height of the Eiffel Tower, you are now ready to move into another venue. Each place also has height that your monster should reach so you can move on to the next place.