Ph0enix New Media and TRZZonline present Fame & Fortune

On May 31 TRZZonline will launch TRZZonline’s Fame & Fortune, a Facebook game that fuses time management and social gameplay with a “tongue-in-cheek twist” on the entertainment industry.

Players will assume the role of thestarving artist as they move to Hollywood to build a career in the music and film industries. Players start by living in their car and waiting tables, but can acquire fame and fortune by performing gigs that allow them to level up and make money.

The game also offers a “fast track” to success using an in-game currency called ICE that allows players to to quickly upgrade your lifestyle with itemsthat include fancy cars, clothes, beach houses, airplanes, skateboard ramps, pets, paparazzi, securityguards, and anything else you can think of that a famous socialite can’t live without.

Players will be able to challenge the Facebook friends to see who isthe most popular, who has the largest entourage, who owns the largest mansion, and so on. The game will also feature a built-in music player offering aplaylist of Top 40 music and indie artists’ songs that will play inside the Web browser.

Players will unlock special rewards and perks as they become more and more successful, although ifthey become too successful, their friends will be able to execute antics like creating “Bad PR” to knock themdown a few notches.

TRZZonline’s Fame & Fortune has also teamed up with Hip Hop Weekly. Inside the game, Hip Hop Weekly Magazine plays the role of the official news reporter,documenting your success as your popularity grows.

“We didn’t want to build another time management game just for the sake of building it. Our team isgreat at creating games with stellar graphics and amazing game play, but we wanted to do somethingdifferent…something innovative. We wanted to be one of the first developers to successfully mergeonline gaming with offline rewards,” said Jon Lam, founder and CEO of TRZZonline/Ph03nix NewMedia.

“Imagine an online game that gives you a chance to meet one of your favorite rock stars, orattend one of their private events,” said Lam. “As users level-up, TRZZonline’s Fame & Fortune rewards themwith a variety of real-world elements provided by our friends in the entertainment industry.”

TRZZonline is a subsidiary of Ph0enix New Media, a Calgary-based games company. The company’s casual games division, Triple Hippo Studios, has developed PC download games including The Tarot’s Misfortune. Additionally, the company acquired Blue UnitStudios, a Calgary-based iPhone/iPad game development studio.

TRZZonline’s Fame & Fortune should be launching on Facebook at the end of May. In the meantime, set up an alert to follow this game and be notified whenever Gamezebo posts new content related to Fame & Fortune.